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What’s new in the Green Energy smallcase?

What’s new in the Green Energy smallcase?
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Hello Investors,

Niveshaay has had a fantastic performance in the last quarter and to keep the performance going, the smallcase has been rebalanced in October, keeping in mind the recent market developments.

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Team Niveshaay will also be conducting regular Q&A sessions after every rebalance update so that investors have a platform to ask questions directly and gain a better understanding of the stock selection process and future scoping for the smallcase.

Here are some of the key topics of interest for investors in the Green Energy smallcase:

Why has the rebalance frequency changed from ‘quarterly’ to ‘on a need basis’?

When most of our smallcases were launched a few years ago, rebalancing as per specified time intervals was the only possibility. We track companies continuously instead of on time-specific basis; thus timely rebalances with market movements are better than fixed interval rebalances.

Our scuttlebutt approach towards research involves a lot of on-ground canvassing of the business, attending AGMs and considering quarterly reports. Hence we feel that rebalancing should be done on a need basis for the desired outcome and impact.

Reasons for partial exit from Tata Power, Sona BLW and CE Info Systems and the return of Fiem Industries in the portfolio

Exits were made in Tata Power, Sona BLW and CE Info Systems in order to book some profits and in light of other lucrative opportunities to invest which look better at this point in time.

FIEM Industries Ltd provides automotive parts to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Automotive lamps (LED/halogen) and rear-view mirrors are the two major products that drive its revenue among other parts such as plastic moulds for vehicles.

Earlier, the same stock was exited from the smallcase because of a few challenges related to the two-wheeler industry, but it remained on Niveshaay’s watchlist. 

Favourable conditions and improved scope for the company see its return to our smallcase with a 5% allocation.

Investment Rationale:

  • Traction towards LED headlamps – The shift towards electric vehicles would boost the adoption of LED auto lamps as they are more efficient than halogen lamps. This shift would drive revenue growth as LED lamp kit cost ranges from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 5000 whereas halogen lamp kit cost ranges from Rs. 800 to Rs. 1500. This will result in better ROI as no major capex is required for shifting to LED lamps.
  • Fiem Industries Ltd. has around 27-30% share in the domestic automotive 2-wheeler industry.
  • Fiem Industries is a major supplier for Honda, and it is also the sole supplier to Ola Electric and sales are now picking up for the company.

This Green energy stock has given 450%+ returns in less than 1.5 years

Debuted on 25 June 2021, Shivalik Bimetal Controls Ltd (NSE: SBCL) gave a 451% return as on 19 Oct 2022.

Team Niveshaay attended the 38th AGM of Shivalik Bimetal Controls Ltd. on 27th September 2022. Niveshaay has been tracking this company since 2018, and after the AGM, their conviction increased as they understood the business in greater detail.
The management and their capabilities are spot on for developing new products, scaling them and reaping benefits. The outlook remains positive for the company. 

The allocation towards SBCL has been increased by 2% in the latest rebalance.

More about SBCL here

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Insights into the latest rebalance issued on 17th October

Found the information insightful? 

Restart your subscription today and be assured; the best decisions are being taken to manage your investment in the Green Energy smallcase. Let the experts put in the effort behind the research to steer your portfolio towards long-term growth.

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  • The contents of this blog should not be considered investment advice.
  • Investing in stocks and ETFs is subject to market risk. Read all related documents & consider all risk factors before investing.

Niveshaay Investment Advisors is a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) bearing SEBI registration number INA000008552. Disclosure: bit.ly/sc-ni

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What’s new in the Green Energy smallcase?
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