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What is AMFI (Association of Mutual Funds in India)?

What is AMFI (Association of Mutual Funds in India)?
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AMFI plays a crucial role in the mutual fund industry, working towards growth, development, and investor protection within this dynamic financial sector. 

The primary objectives of AMFI are to foster transparency, protect investor rights, and enhance investor awareness and education about mutual funds. Its mission is to develop and maintain a robust, transparent, and investor-friendly mutual fund industry in India. 

In this blog, we will explore the various facets of AMFI, its objectives, initiatives, and its significant contributions to the Indian mutual fund industry. Let us learn more about how the mutual fund industry in India is regulated by AMFI.

What is AMFI and When Was it Established?

AMFI full form in mutual fund is the Association of Mutual Funds in India. AMFI meaning is a self-regulatory organization that represents mutual fund companies operating in India. It was established on August 22, 1995, with the support of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and the sponsorship of the erstwhile Unit Trust of India (UTI). AMFI plays a crucial role in promoting the interests of mutual fund investors and ensuring ethical conduct within the industry.

What are the Notable Milestones and Achievements of AMFI?

Some of the notable achievements and milestones of AMFI India are:

  • Conducting impactful investor awareness campaigns to educate and empower individuals regarding mutual fund investments, enabling them to make informed financial decisions.
  • Pioneering the introduction of the Know Your Customer (KYC) process, which enhances investor protection and safeguards against fraudulent activities, ensuring a secure investing environment.
  • Facilitating the implementation of the innovative Mutual Fund Utility (MFU) platform, streamlining investment management for investors by offering single-window access to transact and manage investments across multiple mutual fund companies.
  • Collaborating closely with regulatory bodies and industry participants to establish and enforce industry best practices and guidelines, ensuring transparency, fairness, and ethical conduct within the mutual fund industry.

What is AMFI NAV?

AMFI NAV, short for Association of Mutual Funds in India Net Asset Value, represents the unit price of an open-ended mutual fund scheme. The AMFI full form explains very little about the actual role of this association. This value is determined by dividing the total assets of the scheme by the number of units outstanding.

Published on a daily basis, the AMFI NAV is made available by the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) on their website as well as on the websites of individual mutual fund companies.

The AMFI NAV holds significance for investors as it reflects the present value of their investment and serves as a tool to monitor the scheme’s performance over time. By tracking changes in the NAV, investors can assess the growth or decline of their investment in the organization of a mutual fund scheme.

The formula for calculating AMFI NAV is:

AMFI NAV = Total value of the scheme’s assets / Number of units outstanding

Note: The AMFI website offers the latest AMFI NAV for various mutual funds in India. It serves as a reliable source to access information about the performance of different mutual funds, along with the associated risks involved in investing in them.

Functions and Responsibilities of AMFI India

AMFI, the Association of Mutual Funds in India, has a wide range of responsibilities and functions of AMFI in the mutual fund industry. These include:

Regulation and Self-Regulation of Mutual Funds

AMFI is responsible for formulating industry standards, codes of conduct, and best practices for mutual fund companies. It ensures compliance with regulatory guidelines and promotes self-regulation within the industry. AMFI conducts audits and inspections to maintain transparency and integrity in mutual fund operations.

Investor Education and Awareness Initiatives

AMFI plays a crucial role in enhancing investor education and awareness about mutual fund in India. Investing in mutual funds has become so much more approachable because of this. It conducts various programs, seminars, and workshops to improve financial literacy and empower investors to make informed investment decisions. Through online platforms, publications, and media campaigns, AMFI disseminates valuable information and educational materials to educate and guide investors.

Policy Advocacy and Industry Representation

AMFI acts as a representative for the mutual fund industry, advocating for its interests with regulatory bodies, government agencies, and other stakeholders. It actively engages in policy advocacy, providing recommendations and inputs on regulatory and market-related issues. 

By collaborating with industry participants, AMFI contributes to the development and implementation of policies that support the growth and sustainability of the mutual fund industry.

Collaboration with Regulatory Bodies

AMFI India maintains a close working relationship with regulatory bodies, particularly the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). It collaborates with regulatory bodies on matters such as product innovation, market regulations, and investor protection. AMFI’s active involvement in the formulation of regulations and guidelines helps create a conducive regulatory environment for the mutual fund industry.

What is the Role of AMFI in India?

AMFI serves as the custodian of industry standards in the Mutual Fund organization sector, with a range of responsibilities:

  • Ethical and Professional Standards: AMFI upholds and defines ethical and professional standards across the industry.
  • Code of Conduct: It recommends codes of conduct and best practices for all members, including those engaged with Mutual Funds and related agencies.
  • Representation: The Association of Mutual Funds of India represents Mutual Fund companies in India as a collective entity, advocating on their behalf to regulatory bodies like SEBI, the Government, RBI, and others.
  • Training and Certification: The association establishes training and certification programs for intermediaries and industry participants.
  • Investor Awareness: AMFI actively promotes investor awareness programs for Mutual Funds.
  • Research and Dissemination: It conducts and shares research and studies related to the Mutual Fund industry.

AMFI achieves its objectives through various committees, including those focused on valuation, operations, compliance, registration of certified distributors, and financial literacy.

Benefits of AMFI for Investors

AMFI (Mutual Fund Association in India) offers several benefits to investors, which include:

  • Ensuring Transparency and Investor Protection: AMFI ensures transparency and protects the interests of investors by setting standards for mutual fund companies, monitoring compliance, and providing a platform for complaint resolution.
  • Promoting Industry Best Practices and Ethical Standards: AMFI promotes best practices and ethical conduct in the mutual fund industry through the development of codes of conduct and training programs for professionals.
  • Providing a Platform for Grievance Redressal: AMFI provides a platform for investors to file complaints and grievances, investigates them, and takes necessary actions for their resolution.
  • Facilitating Access to a Wide Range of Mutual Funds: AMFI facilitates access to diverse mutual fund options by providing information, organizing educational events, and working with mutual funds companies in India to offer a broad range of products.

Moreover, signing up on AMFI would offer many other personalized benefits to you. So, to access AMFI login, visit the AMFI website and enjoy the benefits.

AMFI’s Contribution to the Mutual Fund India Industry

AMFI, the Association of Mutual Funds in India, has played a crucial role in the growth and development of the mutual fund industry in the country. Its contributions include:

Promoting Growth and Development of Mutual Funds in India

  • AMFI India advocates for the interests of mutual fund companies and investors, creating a favourable environment for industry growth.
  • Initiates collaboration with regulators and government bodies and helps formulate policies and regulations that support the expansion of mutual funds.
  • Investor awareness campaigns conducted by the all India Mutual Fund association educate individuals about the benefits of mutual fund investments, expanding the investor base.

Enhancing Professionalism and Expertise in the Industry

  • AMFI sets high professional and ethical standards through its code of conduct and guidelines for mutual fund companies, distributors, and intermediaries.
  • Training programs and certifications offered by AMFI equip industry professionals with the knowledge and skills to serve investors effectively.
  • Continuous learning and development initiatives promoted by AMFI enhance professionalism and expertise in the mutual fund sector.

Improving Market Infrastructure and Distribution Channels

  • Collaboration with stock exchanges, depositories, and other entities improves the market infrastructure for mutual funds.
  • The development of robust distribution channels enables investors to access a wide range of mutual funds through various platforms.
  • AMFI prioritizes transparency, efficiency, and investor protection in the distribution process, fostering investor confidence and trust.

Committees Under AMFI

AMFI Mutual Funds India has been actively engaged in creating programs to enhance investor awareness regarding Mutual Funds in India. To effectively fulfil its objectives, AMFI has established multiple committees dedicated to various aspects of the mutual fund industry. These committees include:

  • Committee on Operations and Compliance
  • Committee on Valuation
  • Committee on Financial Literacy 
  • Committee on Registration of Certified Distributors

Who Regulates Mutual Fund Distributors in India?

An AMFI Distributor refers to an individual or entity registered with the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) for the purpose of distributing mutual funds to investors. These distributors serve as intermediaries between mutual fund companies and investors, facilitating the buying and selling of mutual fund units.

AMFI Distributors can include various entities such as individual agents, financial advisors, banks, brokerage firms, or other authorized intermediaries. Their role is crucial in providing guidance, educating investors, processing transactions, and offering support related to mutual fund investments.

What is the AMFI Registration Number?

The AMFI Registration Number (ARN) is a unique identifier issued by the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFIINDIA) to individual mutual fund distributors, agents, or intermediaries. It serves as a recognition code that distinguishes registered professionals within the mutual fund industry.

Why Should Investors Know About ARN?

Investors should be aware of the AMFI ARN registration for the following reasons:

  • Identification of Registered Distributors: Knowing about AMFI ARN registration enables investors to verify whether they are dealing with authorized and registered distributors who have met the necessary qualifications and regulatory requirements.
  • Trust and Credibility: ARN signifies that the distributor operates in accordance with AMFI’s code of conduct and ethical guidelines, ensuring trustworthiness, transparency, and accountability in their interactions with investors.
  • Expert Advice: Distributors with an ARN have undergone requisite training and certification, enabling them to provide knowledgeable guidance and recommendations to investors regarding mutual fund investments.
  • Investor Protection: Collaborating with an ARN-registered distributor provides investors with access to appropriate grievance redressal mechanisms, ensuring that they have recourse in case of any issues or concerns.
  • Compliance with Regulations: Being aware of the distributor’s ARN helps investors ensure adherence to regulatory requirements, protecting their investments and ensuring a compliant investment process.

Other Services Offered by AMFI

In addition to the aforementioned advantages, AMFI India extends a range of services to investors, including:

  • Investor Education: AMFI means to provide a diverse array of educational resources, including articles, videos, and infographics, to help investors comprehend mutual funds and make well-informed investment choices.
  • Research: AMFI conducts in-depth research on the mutual fund industry, publishing its findings on its website. This research aids investors in evaluating the performance of various mutual funds and making informed investment decisions.
  • Standardization: AMFI (Mutual Fund Association in India) establishes comprehensive standards for mutual fund companies to adhere to. Subsequently, these standards encompass aspects such as disclosure practices, marketing guidelines, and governance principles. By enforcing these standards, AMFI ensures responsible and transparent management of mutual funds.
  • Self-Regulation: AMFI functions as a self-regulatory organization (SRO) entrusted with regulating the mutual fund industry. As an SRO, AMFI possesses the authority to investigate complaints and take appropriate action against mutual fund companies that violate the established standards.

To Wrap It Up…

The Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFIINDIA) has played a crucial role in advancing and nurturing the mutual fund industry in the country. AMFI’s commitment to transparency, investor protection, and industry best practices has instilled trust and confidence in investors.

As investors, it is important to understand and leverage the benefits offered by AMFI. The investor education resources, research publications, and standardized practices promoted by AMFI can help you make well-informed investment decisions. Consequently, by being aware of AMFI’s initiatives and utilizing its services, you can navigate the mutual fund landscape more effectively and optimize your investment outcomes.


1. What is AMFI?

AMFI stands for the Association of Mutual Funds in India. It is an industry organization that represents mutual fund companies. Additionally, it works towards the growth and development of the mutual fund industry in India.

2. What is the role of AMFI?

AMFI plays a vital role in various aspects of the mutual fund industry. It sets industry standards, promotes investor awareness and education. Furthermore, it advocates for regulatory reforms, conducts research and analysis, and fosters collaboration among industry participants. AMFI’s focus is on ensuring transparency, professionalism, and investor protection.

3. What is the difference between AMFI and SEBI?

AMFI and SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) are distinct entities in the Indian financial market. AMFI is an industry association representing mutual fund companies and working towards industry development. Conversely, SEBI is the overall regulator of the securities market, including mutual funds. SEBI formulates regulations, monitors compliance, and safeguards investor interests.

4. What is AMFI code in mutual fund?

The AMFI code is also known as the ARN (AMFI Registration Number). It is a unique identification number issued to individual mutual fund distributors. Distributors are required to obtain an ARN to sell mutual fund products. The code ensures that distributors meet the necessary standards and adhere to the industry’s code of conduct.

5. Who regulates Mutual Fund Industry in India?

In India, mutual funds are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).

6. How does AMFI work?

AMFI represents the RBI, SEBI, the finance ministry, and other bodies related to money market investments. One of AMFI’s key roles in Mutual Funds is disseminating investment information and organizing workshops on various funds.