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image Mega Deal Alert: Torrent Pharma Targets Cipla Acquisition
Reading Time: 3 minutes
Torrent Pharmaceuticals, India's seventh-largest pharmaceutical company by market capitalisation, sets its sights on acquiring Cipla, a giant three times its size. This prospective acquisition could mark one of the most significant pharmaceutical deals ever witnessed in India.
image FAQs: Loans Against Mutual Funds on smallcase
Reading Time: 14 minutes
Welcome to a comprehensive FAQs guide for Loan Against Mutual Funds on smallcase. As Loan Against Mutual Funds is our new offering, we understand you may have various questions – from its eligibility to its potential use cases. Rest assured, we're here to provide you with the answers you're looking for!
image HAL gets a greenlight on proposals worth ₹45,000 Crores
Reading Time: 2 minutes
In a promising start to the trading week, Hindustan Aeronautics (HAL), a government-owned company holding Navaratna status under the Ministry of Defence, witnessed a remarkable 4.15% surge in its stock price, reaching ₹4,111.15 per share during early trading on Monday.
image The Rise of Private Capex in India
Reading Time: 2 minutes
In a remarkable turn of events, India's Q1 FY24 GDP growth has surged to an impressive 7.8%. A beacon of hope in a challenging economic landscape, this growth is attributed to the promising signs of revival in private sector investments. In this blog, we'll explore what private capex is, why it matters, and the factors that have influenced its resurgence.
image G20 Success: Sectors & Stocks in the Spotlight
Reading Time: 3 minutes
Last week, India was buzzing with excitement thanks to the G20 summit, and this enthusiasm spilt over to the stock market. The Nifty achieved the remarkable milestone of 20,000 mark for the very first time. One of the reasons for this was the G20 summit announcements which grabbed the interest of both domestic and foreign investors. So, let’s unpack what exactly happened at the G20 summit and how can it affect the stock market.