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Bloom with AxisDirect Kalpavriksha smallcase

Bloom with AxisDirect Kalpavriksha smallcase
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The phrase “Money does not grow on trees” is often thrown around in our daily lives. While it is true, wouldn’t it be rather nice if we had a wish-fulfilling tree that could help us build wealth? 

Introducing AxisDirect Kalpavriksha smallcase, a readymade portfolio created by Axis Securities Research. Named after the mythological tree that grants wishes, this smallcase just might be such an investment that helps you achieve your dreams & goals. This smallcase invests in the large and mid-cap companies that are future-ready & are also leaders in their thanks to their ability to generate stable revenue/earnings.

Kalpavriksha - Ancient Sculpture

An ancient sculpture depicting apsaras worshipping a Kalpavriksha

What are Large & Mid-cap companies?

Usually, companies are classified into 3 based on market capitalization — large-caps, mid-caps, and small-caps. There is no hard and fast rule as to how the companies fall into these classifications. However, they are based on certain criteria:

  • Large-cap – Large-cap companies can be anywhere between the top 100 companies by size listed in the stock exchange. These companies are generally the market leaders with mature business models and also include some blue-chip companies. Reliance, ICICI Bank, Sun Pharmaceutical, etc., are examples of large-caps.
  • Mid-cap – The next 150 companies by size can be treated as mid-cap. Mid-cap companies are businesses that are moderately stable with prospects of becoming large-caps as market share, profits, productivity increase. 
  • Small-Cap: The rest of the stocks listed on the stock exchange fall under small caps. These are smaller companies with high growth potential and carry high risks. 

Objectives of AxisDirect Kalpavriksha smallcase:

AxisDirect Kalpavriksha smallcase has identified companies with established leadership positions, sound management, consistent revenue & earnings growth, and stable return ratios. It includes reputable large-cap and mid-cap stocks that have a good historical performance record. It aims to provide:

  • Stability: Fundamentally strong stocks are expected to continue to do business even in the worst of times. The huge capital invested in their business enables them to stand tall even in tough weather.
  • Consistent returns: These companies register consistent annual returns over extended periods with a stable debt-to-equity ratio. 
  • Dividend Payout: Most such stocks offer regular dividends to the shareholders which helps them earn a regular income.

AxisDirect Kalpavriksha smallcase

The AxisDirect Kalpavriksha smallcase includes stocks such as Reliance Industries, Titan, Tata Consultancy Services, Hindustan Unilever, etc,. The Axis Securities Research has curated this smallcase keeping in mind the needs of emerging investors, who have a mid-long term investment horizon It has generated a CAGR of 31.31% over one year.

So, if you are looking to grow your investment by investing in sector leaders over a long period horizon, AxisDirect Kalpavriksha smallcase can be your ideal investment option. 


AxisDirect launched smallcases in July 2018, and the AxisDirect Research team has created 10+ smallcases since. smallcases are portfolios of stocks/ETFs that have an underlying theme or an established investing strategy. smallcases are inherently diversified, have no additional cost on AxisDirect, and prove to be far more cost-efficient than mutual funds in the long-run. Login now with your AxisDirect account to invest in smallcases.

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Bloom with AxisDirect Kalpavriksha smallcase
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