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Build a Growth Stars Portfolio with Divam Sharma

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Ever wondered how the Research Team at Green Portfolio conducts its stock research for identifying Growth Companies and analyzing them in depth to construct a portfolio?

At Green Portfolio, we manage 5 diverse smallcases, each with its own intricacies and nuances. Both our existing and potential clients are keen to learn about our investment strategy:

  • Screening and fundamental analysis we use for identifying Growth Stocks
  • Portfolio building process and risk management

We have partnered with LearnApp to create a Masterclass on our Investing Strategy

There’s 1.5 hours of video content suitable for beginner to advanced investors to learn from.

There’s also a quiz at the end for you to test how much you’ve learned!

The Masterclass is made up of 3 Lessons which you can watch anytime as per your convenience, where you will learn:

  • Understanding Growth Investing and identifying Growth Stocks
  • 7-step process on how to analyze the growth stocks deeply
  • Portfolio Tracking & Exit Rules
  • 3 practical case studies and how to construct a portfolio using Green Portfolio’s framework.

Read more about the Growth Stars Masterclass here

Get access to this Masterclass for FREE

The LearnApp subscription to watch this Masterclass is worth ₹8,999/Yr. But as a special offer for smallcase users, you can get free access to this masterclass by subscribing to Green Portfolio’s flagship High Quality Right Price smallcase!

Additionally, you will also get 10% off on the LearnApp subscription if you want to access other courses and content on LearnApp

Subscribe using the link below to avail free access to Divam Sharma’s Masterclass

Subscribe to the High Quality Right Price smallcase

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Build a Growth Stars Portfolio with Divam Sharma
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