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Get Ready to Ride the Bull

Get Ready to Ride the Bull
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A few years back, the world was in love with BRICS.

Today, the whole scenario has changed. Chinese economy is slowing, Brazil looks to be stuck in stagflation, Russia is in a recession caused by western sanctions and drop in oil prices, and South Africa is battling with corruption and inefficiencies.

The picture isn’t that rosy for the developed world also. The Eurozone seems to be stuck in the never ending problem of Grexit, Japan is in a constant fight with her aging population and the US is preparing to enter into a new era of rising interest rates.

India is the bright spot on a cloudy global horizon”- Christine Lagarde, March 2015

On the other hand, the Indian markets have experienced a sharp rally, since last year when the country elected a full majority government after decades. The new government is reform-oriented and have launched a number of new schemes and projects to boost growth and infrastructure.

Inflation looks to be in check, deficits are in control, interest rates are coming down, currency is stable, reserves are increasing and GDP growth is picking up. Add to these the demographic advantage of India and it just gets sweeter. As ace investor Rakesh Jhunjhuwala put it succinctly

Yeh toh bas trailer tha.. This will be the mother of all bull markets

So if you thought the rally is over, put on your seat belts, it’s going to be a long ride.

However, retail investors in India today face a lot of issues in terms of identifying a right idea, selecting the perfect stocks to fit in the idea, weighting them optimally for the desired exposure, finding a right execution solution and tracking them continuously for timely rebalancing.

smallcase is here to solve these problems. On the platform, you will find plenty of smallcases (ready-made portfolios of stocks) based on easy-to-understand investment themes & concepts.

Pick the one which you like, customize the way you want and get the desired portfolio exposure in just a few clicks.

smallcase will also track your portfolio and provide all the timely statistics and information needed for maintaining and updating it. And all of this at a cost advantage, compared to traditional brokerage commissions.

It’s time to move beyond single stocks and mutual funds.

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Get Ready to Ride the Bull
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