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smallcase Gateway: Integrations

smallcase Gateway: Integrations
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Every day, everything we do at smallcase is towards simplifying stock investing. We recently announced our latest product – smallcase Gateway which allows non-brokerage platforms to enable smallcases, stocks & ETFs transactions directly on their platform. In simple terms, it’s our attempt to put the Invest button on the internet. Learn more here.

Today, we are excited to announce the first set of integrations that are going live with the smallcase Gateway:

Nippon India AMC 

Nippon India AMC has integrated the gateway to power ETF transactions on the Nippon India ETF platform. Nippon India is leveraging the Gateway to further its mission to drive ETF adoption amongst retail investors. 

Investors can now invest in Nippon ETFs directly from the Nippon platform through their brokerage accounts here.


Algosmith is an intelligent portfolio advisory platform launched by William O’Neil India (WON). They recommend portfolios to investors based on their proprietary algorithms. These portfolios are created as smallcases; Gateway is powering the entire portfolio profile including the past performance, key ratios and rationale. 

Investors can transact & track their smallcases directly on the Algosmith platform through the smallcase Gateway here.


MoneyWorksforMe, a multi-asset advisory platform has integrated the gateway to power stock transactions on their robo-advisory platform Omega. 

Investors can invest in the stock recommendations and track their investments directly on the MoneyWorks platform through their broker accounts here.

The next set of integrations are already in progress with some of the biggest content & wealth management platforms in the country. Stay tuned!

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smallcase Gateway: Integrations
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