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Partner stories | MoneyWorks4me

TL;DR : MoneyWorks4me is a SEBI-registered Investment Advisor. Started in 2008, they claim to be India’s first technology-assisted, multi-asset fiduciary...

Partner Stories | Nippon India

Nippon India Mutual Funds (formerly Reliance Mutual Fund) is one of the leading asset management companies in India. Managing assets...

Partner Stories | Jama Wealth

Partner Stories | Jama Wealth

JamaWealth.com is a Wealth Management and SEBI Registered Investment Advisory company specialising in Equity Growth Strategies. JamaWealth.com’s investment experts &...

Partner Stories | JustDial

Partner Stories | JustDial

Reading Time: 3 minutes Case study on how JustDial enabled their users to transact natively on their app by integrating smallcase Gateway. Not only does this allow their users to transact in stocks from the app, but also gives them the option to open a demat account online to begin investing.

Partner Stories | Kuvera

TL-DR: Kuvera is India’s first free direct mutual funds investing platform. Over the last 12 months, Kuvera has expanded its...