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Transparency is the currency of trust

Transparency is the currency of trust
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At smallcase, we believe transparency is one of the most important characteristics of a financial instrument. Working in this direction, we have recently introduced lots of new features on the platform

1. Valuation and Sharpe Ratios

Now you can see and compare valuation ratios of a smallcase vs. benchmark — just click on the check financial ratios button under stocks & weights of any smallcase. You can access this information for the Dividend Stars smallcase here.

The best part is that all the valuation ratios for both smallcase and benchmark are calculated on a consolidated basis, not on standalone numbers.

2. Market Cap Distribution

This feature enables you to see how much of your capital would be going into Large Cap, Mid Cap or Small Cap section of the market, if you decide to invest in the smallcase. This can be seen under stocks and weights of any smallcase

3. Past performance chart of a smallcase is now on live data only [Updated on 25th April, 2022] 

We used to show the backtested data in the Past Performance charts of smallcases, as it would help users analyze the strategy performance across longer time periods. Now, we have completely removed the backtested data from the Past Performance charts as well, to ensure that you don’t get confused between the live and backtested data while looking at the Past Performance chart. 

Now, all the charts and numbers shown anywhere on the platform are only based on live data. If you are still keen to see the historical Manager’s backtested data of the smallcase, as calculated by the manager, you can find it on the factsheet of the smallcase.   

4. Factsheets

Judging from the feedback received till now from the users, this is one of the most useful features. Now you can download all the essential information about a smallcase in pdf format, by clicking on the Factsheet link on the smallcase page. A smallcase factsheet has all the necessary information about the smallcase like — Returns, Risk, Subscription Type, Important dates, the backtested performance  provided by the Manager, SEBI registration details of the Manager etc. All smallcase factsheets get updated on a daily basis. You can check out the factsheet of Dividend Stars smallcase here.

We hope these changes have made smallcases even more transparent than before. Please do share your suggestions on how we can further improve the transparency on the smallcases platform.

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Transparency is the currency of trust
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