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Top 10 Most Expensive Company Stocks in India 2024

Top 10 Most Expensive Company Stocks in India 2024
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While entering the Indian stock market, you may find a wide array of shares. These shares might be priced below a rupee or in thousands. Thus, to select the most expensive shares in India, you might search for their prices, invest in them, and wait for your returns over the years. Boom. Done. Right? 

Well…. sort of. 

Investing in the highest priced* share in India requires a lot of research. Therefore, in this blog, we will uncover what expensive stocks are, how the market prices them, what points you should consider before investing, and more.

Let’s have a look at the costliest shares in India in a list of the top 10 shares in India with the most expensive share price in India.  

10 Most Popular Expensive Shares in India

Here, we have prepared a list of the top 10 most expensive shares in India on the basis of industry, market cap, close price, and ROI. These are companies that have the top 10 share price in India: 

Company Name Sub-Sector Market Cap (in Cr)PE Ratio1-Year ROIShare Price
MRF LtdTires & Rubber₹58,35253.3529.84%₹1,40,997.25
Honeywell Automation India LtdInformation Technology₹33,07380.6927.93%₹37,847.3
Page Industries LtdTextiles, Apparel & Luxury Goods₹42,08280.2916.74%₹36,638.15
Shree Cement LtdCement₹95,53168.8511.20%₹27,493.75
3M India LtdIndustrials₹38,40563.3324.35%₹33,527.7
Abbott India LtdHealth Care₹54,69048.8822.36%₹25,481.4
Nestle India LtdConsumer Staples₹2,41,23281.4721.88%₹2,462.9
Bosch LtdAuto Components₹67,28638.931.20%₹22,774.8
Procter & Gamble Hygiene and Health Care LtdFMCG₹56,19076.5 0.49%₹17,048.15
Lakshmi Machine Works LtdIndustrial Machinery ₹14,30932.0227.44%₹13,357.2

Please note that the above list is for educational purposes only, and is not recommendatory. Please do your own research or consult your financial advisor before investing.

Note: The data is from 23rd January 2024.  However, for real-time updates on stock prices and market trends, visit the smallcase stocks collection today!

Why Should You Consider Investing in the Most Expensive Shares in India?

If you consider a particular stock by just looking at the price tag, then it might be a huge mistake. Although these stocks can’t be purchased in bulk since they are the highest priced* shares in India, their profits are something you should look out for. In the share market, it’s not the quantity of the shares that matters but their ability to generate more returns is what you should look for. Consequently, this makes investing in the most expensive stocks in India, a profitable affair.

However, investors must do their own research and/or consult their financial advisor before investing.

Highest Priced Share in India: An Overview

Let’s understand the top 10 most expensive shares in India in detail. These companies have the highest share price in India. 

1. MRF Ltd

Known as Madras Rubber Factory is a renowned Indian company that specializes in the manufacturing of tires. One of the leading tire manufacturers in India and globally widely recognized the company. Established in 1946 as a small rubber balloon factory, MRF is often referred to as the highest priced* share in India.  The company offers a wide range of tires catering to various segments, including cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, and off-road vehicles. The company with the most expensive share in India is exported to over 65 countries, including the United States, Europe, Africa, and Asia. 

2. Honeywell Automation India

Considered the highest stock price India. Honeywell Automation India is a leading automation solutions provider in India. A subsidiary of Honeywell International Inc. a global conglomerate, HAIL offers a wide range of products and services. These include oil and gas, power, chemicals, manufacturing, and more.  Established in 1987, HAIL’s product portfolio includes advanced control systems, distributed control systems (DCS), programmable logic controllers (PLC), safety systems, enterprise-wide solutions, and integrated building management systems.

3. Page Industries Ltd

Often referred to as Jockey India, is one of the highest priced* shares in India’s stock market. As the leader in the Indian innerwear segment, Page Industries Ltd is regarded as one of the highest priced stocks in India. As the exclusive licensee of Jockey International Inc. (USA) for manufacturing, distribution, and marketing of the Jockey brand in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, and the United Arab Emirates, Page Industries has established itself as a dominant player in the Indian innerwear and athleisure market.

4. Shree Cement

Shree Cement is one of the largest cement manufacturers in India. Established in 1979, the company has steadily grown and expanded its operations across various regions in India. This costly share in IndiaThus, the company markets its products by using three brand names. These include Shree Ultra Jung Rodhak Cement, Bangur Cement, and Tuff Cemento.  The company’s consistent performance and market leadership have made it one of the highest priced* share in India. 

5. 3M India Ltd

3M India Ltd stands out as one of the most valuable and highest price stocks in India. The company was founded in 1987. Therefore, as a subsidiary of the multinational conglomerate 3M Company. 3M India operates across diverse sectors, including healthcare, consumer goods, industrial, and safety solutions.  Scotch Brite, Scotch Tape, Post Its, and Scotchgard Glue are some of the familiar brands from 3M.

6. Abbott India Ltd

It is a prominent pharmaceutical company that has one of the most expensive share in the India. Abbott India Ltd is a subsidiary of Abbott Laboratories, a global healthcare leader with a legacy of over 130 years. The company with one of the most costly shares in India offers a diverse range of pharmaceutical products across multiple therapeutic areas. Including Women’s Health, Gastroenterology, Neurology, Cardiovascular, and Diabetes Care. Its portfolio encompasses both prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, catering to the evolving healthcare needs of Indian consumers.

7. Nestle India Ltd

It is a subsidiary of the global food and beverage giant Nestle. Established itself as one of the most expensive stocks in India. The company has many home-known brands: Maggi, Nescafe, KitKat, and Nestle Milkmaid. With a long-standing association with India since the 1900s, the company has one of the most expensive shares in India. Thus, an Indian company called Nestle India Limited works as a significant player in FMCG. 

8. Bosch Ltd

Bosch Ltd is a part of Germany’s Robert Bosch company. The Indian stock market boasts the distinction of having one of the highest priced shares in India. Founded in 1951, Bosch Ltd is a leading supplier of technology and services. The company’s robust product portfolio encompasses a wide range of offerings. Such as automotive components (fuel injection systems, electrical drives, etc.), power tools, security systems, industrial automation solutions, and much more.

9. Procter & Gamble Hygiene and Health Care Ltd

It is a subsidiary of the multinational company Procter & Gamble. One of the most prominent players in the Indian consumer goods industry. Known for its renowned brands like Whisper, Olay, Gillette, Vicks, Duracell, Pringles, Old Spice, Tide, Pantene, Cover Girl, Mr Clean, Lacoste, Puma, HUGO, and Oral-B. Thus, as one of the most expensive shares in India, investors are drawn to the company’s consistent financial performance, and strategic market positioning.

10. Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd

It is a renowned Indian company that manufactures textile machinery and CNC machine tools. Established in 1962, LMW has become a leading player in the textile machinery industry. Its shares have been considered among the highest share price company in India. Thus, its technological excellence has propelled its growth over the years. As a result, it became an attractive investment option for those seeking long-term returns in the textile machinery sector.

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How to invest in the highest priced shares in India?

To invest in the most expensive stock in the world or more specifically, in India, consider the following:

  1. Evaluate the management team’s track record and leadership capabilities.
  1. Analyze if the stock is overvalued or undervalued by comparing its price to earnings, cash flow, and other financial metrics, while factoring in its volatility and potential downside risk. That is the ideal way to find the highest value stock in India. 
  2. While India’s costliest share is often suitable for long-term investments, align your investment with your budget, financial plan, and risk tolerance. Prioritize budget and risk assessment before investing in India most costly stocks.

What are the Points to Remember Before Investing in the Most Expensive Shares in India?

  • The highest priced* share in India does not necessarily mean you have to invest in it. Conduct your own research and understand the company and its industry before investing. 
  • Analyze your fund structure and decide whether you should invest in the costliest share in India. 
  • Although good returns on investments do not harm anybody, you should not overspend your budget hastily. Instead, set a fixed amount to invest in valuable stocks in India. 
  • Identify overvalued and undervalued stocks by comparing their earnings, cash flow, and other financial metrics. Consider the stock’s volatility before investing in the most expensive share in India.

Therefore, spend your money to add diversification to your portfolio of highest priced* shares in India to mitigate the risks. However, investors should always be clear about the investment goals and their risk appetite before investing in such stocks.

What are the Associated Challenges of Investing in the Most Expensive Shares in India?

Investing in the costliest stock in India can present certain challenges that investors should be aware of. Here are some associated challenges:

  • Higher Initial Investment: The most valuable share in India often requires a significant initial investment, which can be a challenge for retail investors with limited capital. However, focusing on saving and investing consistently, individuals can work towards accumulating the necessary capital to invest in such shares. 
  • Potential Overvaluation: Most valuable stock in India may be susceptible to overvaluation. Market participants may bid up the prices of certain stocks based on high expectations or speculative behavior, leading to a disconnect between the stock’s price and its underlying fundamentals. 
  • High Entry Barrier: India’s most expensive shares often have high prices*, which can be a significant barrier for many individual investors. However, by investing in alternative investment avenues, such as mutual funds or exchange-traded funds (ETFs), will offer exposure to a diversified portfolio of expensive stocks resulting in low risk. 
  • Limited liquidity: The most costly share in India is often less liquid than other stocks, which means that there may be fewer buyers and sellers in the market. Thus, by being patient and taking a long-term perspective, investors can focus on the company’s fundamental strength rather than short-term price movements to build a well-diversified portfolio.

Advantages of investing in the most expensive shares in India. 

Let’s look at some of the advantages of investing in the most expensive stocks in India. 

  • Quality and Reliability: High price stocks listed on NSE in India are often associated with financially stable and well-managed companies. Investing in such stocks can provide a sense of confidence and reliability in the company’s ability to generate long-term value for shareholders.
  • Lower Volatility: High value stocks in India can be subject to market volatility. Lower-priced or speculative stocks may be less stable compared to these stocks. Companies with high price shares in India tend to have larger market capitalizations. This in turn can make them less susceptible to rapid price fluctuations. 
  • Access to Dividends: Most expensive shares in India belong to companies that pay regular dividends. Dividend-paying stocks can be particularly attractive in low-interest-rate environments or for investors looking for consistent cash flow.
  • Strong Growth Potential: Most expensive stocks in India often belong to companies with solid growth prospects. Thus, investing in such stocks provides an opportunity to participate in their growth trajectory. Also, gain benefits from potential capital appreciation over time.

In simple terms, expensive stocks help you to be an insightful and mindful long-term investor.

To Wrap It Up…

Even though investing in these high prices* of shares in India means to draw a large sum of money in one go, they have a history of a sizable growth rate of returns. However, since these India most expensive shares are susceptible to market fluctuations, many investors may look at it as risky while some may find it to generate more income. Thus, be wise and conduct thorough research or consult your financial advisor before investing in the above-mentioned top 10 expensive shares in India. Explore more stocks on smallcase today!

FAQs on Most Expensive Shares in India

1. Which is the most expensive share in India?

MRF Ltd, also known as Madras Rubber Factory Ltd, currently holds the title of India’s priciest stock, commanding a share price of ₹1,45,363.35 as of January 2024. This marks a significant surge from the IPO in 1990 when the share was priced at ₹11.

2. What are the best highest priced stocks to buy for the long term in India?

A share price is usually not the indicator how well-performing the stock is. The best highest value share in India:
1. MRF Ltd
2. Honeywell Automation India
3. Page Industries Ltd
Note: This list is educational and not recommendatory.

3. How can I invest in the most expensive stocks?

Prioritize thorough research before investing in any stock, irrespective of its price. Maintain a diversified portfolio comprising a blend of high and low-priced stocks to enhance returns and manage risk effectively.

4. Is it a good time to invest in the highest priced stocks in India ?

Investors opt for high-priced stocks due to their reduced market volatility and reputation for delivering long-term returns. Though, investors are advised to have a look at market conditions before making an investment.

5. Who Should Invest in the highest priced shares?

Investors, who anticipate long-term earnings growth or perceive a stock is undervalued, are willing to pay a premium for it today, regardless of short-term developments. As always, investors must do their own research and/or consult their financial advisor before investing.

6. Can highest priced stocks be profitable for investors? 

Investing in the world’s priciest stocks can be a effective wealth-building strategy over time. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to understand that a high stock price doesn’t automatically equate to a sound investment. Prioritize thorough research before investing in any stock, irrespective of its price.