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Best Indian Rail Stocks in 2024: List of Top Railway Shares for Long Term Investment

Best Indian Rail Stocks in 2024: List of Top Railway Shares for Long Term Investment
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Welcome to the captivating realm of rail stocks, where the convergence of transportation, infrastructure, and investment opportunities unfolds. The global railway industry is a dynamic and vital sector that serves as the backbone of economies worldwide. 

From passenger-focused railway companies whisking commuters on high-speed trains to freight hauliers seamlessly moving goods across vast distances, railways are indispensable for connecting people, goods, and markets. As an astute investor, understanding the importance of railway shares in India in your investment portfolio can unlock a world of potential, offering both stability and growth opportunities. Therefore, in this blog, we will dive deep into the world of rail sector stocks, railway share prices, top railway stocks in India, and much more. Let’s begin.

Grab Your Ticket: An Overview of the Railway Industry

From bustling metropolises to remote villages, the railways serve as a lifeline for millions of Indians, providing affordable and efficient means of travel. 

The railway industry often hailed as the backbone of transportation, encompasses a vast network of railways, trains, and associated infrastructure. With a rich history spanning over 160 years, the Indian Railway share list has continually evolved and adapted to meet the growing needs of a rapidly developing economy. It won’t be wrong to consider Indian railways as a rich industry. 

Due to its size, the railway stocks sector is connected to various businesses. Therefore, the need for Indian railway stocks list with price is likely to grow which is good news for Indian railway share prices. In fact, not only the railway share price but this demand has also given a boost to the share price of companies that manufacture railway components. 

In recent years, the Indian Railway Industry has witnessed notable transformations and modernization efforts. The introduction of high-speed trains, such as the Gatimaan Express and the Tejas Express, showcases India’s ambition to enhance travel experiences and reduce journey times. The implementation of digital platforms and mobile applications has streamlined ticketing processes, making it more convenient for passengers to book tickets and access information.

Thus, if you’re looking for a list of railway-related stocks in NSE then the next section is for you to determine the best railway stocks in India for 2024.

List of Rail Stocks in NSE – Best Rail Share List

Here we have presented a list of railway stocks in NSE that will provide a chance to participate in the growth and development of the current railway sector stocks. You can also check out the other best railway stocks list with prices.

Best Rail StockMarket Cap (in Cr)Stock Price
Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd₹82,160₹970.6
Container Corporation of India Ltd₹53,212₹841.1
Indian Railway Finance Corp Ltd₹2,30,332₹171.9
Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd₹66,793₹298.85
RITES Ltd₹15,114₹577.6
BEML Ltd₹13,257₹3,159.75
Ircon International Ltd₹25,121₹241.25
Railtel Corporation of India Limited₹14,249₹397.4
Titagarh Wagons Ltd₹15,871₹1,096.75
Texmaco Rail & Engineering Ltd₹8,333₹204.8

Please note that the above list is for educational purposes only, and is not recommendatory. Please do your own research or consult your financial advisor before investing.

Note: The data on the top railway companies in India in the list is from 23rd January 2024.  However, for real-time updates on all railway share prices and market trends, visit the smallcase stocks collection today!

Indian Railway Shares – An Overview of Rail Stocks in India

The best Railway stocks India encompass a diverse range of companies operating within the railway industry in India. Thus, let’s look at some of the top railway shares list of companies. 

Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation Ltd (IRCTC)

It is a government-owned company that is considered among the best railway companies in India with high market capitalization. Provides catering, tourism, and online ticketing services for Indian Railways. It is one of the largest railway catering companies in the world and has expanded its services to include luxury tourist trains, hotel bookings, and various tourism packages.

Container Corporation of India Ltd (CONCOR)

CONCOR is a Navratna public sector undertaking under the Indian Ministry of Railways. CONCOR is one of the best railway shares that provides end-to-end logistics solutions, including storage, handling, and transportation of containerized cargo. 

Indian Railway Finance Corporation Ltd (IRFC)

IRFC is a dedicated financing arm of the Indian Railways. It is responsible for raising funds to finance railway projects and infrastructure development. Considered one of the best railway stocks India that primarily focus on leasing rolling stock (locomotives, coaches, wagons) to the Indian Railways.

Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd (RVNL)

RVNL is one of the government-owned stocks in the railway share list responsible for executing railway infrastructure projects in India. The best railway stocks like these focus on the construction of new railway lines, doubling and gauging conversion of existing tracks, and modernization of railway stations. Other than railway-related shares projects, the company also undertakes projects related to the electrification of railway lines. 


IRFC is a dedicated financing arm of the Indian railway share list. Thus, it is responsible for raising funds to finance railway projects and infrastructure development. IRFC, one of the railway shares, primarily focuses on leasing rolling stock (locomotives, coaches, wagons) to the Indian Railways.


Bharat Earth Movers Limited is a public railway sector stocks company. Thus, it is primarily engaged in the manufacturing of mining and construction equipment, defense products, and railway rolling stock. BEML manufactures a wide range of rolling stock, including coaches, wagons, and locomotives for the Indian railways stocks. Additionally, it is involved in the defense sector, producing a diverse range of defense and aerospace products.

Ircon International Ltd

Ircon, a public sector company, often experiences upper circuit limits due to its strategic role in the infrastructure sector, specializing in railway and highway construction projects. As a result, positive market sentiment and demand for its services contribute to the upper circuit status of the railway shares.

Railtel Corporation of India Ltd

Railtel, listed on the stock exchange, frequently hits upper circuit limits as it plays a crucial role in India’s digital transformation within the railway sector. Thus, the company’s involvement in providing high-speed internet and telecom services to the railway industry makes it a sought-after stock with growth potential, leading to upper circuit trends.

Titagarh Wagons Ltd

Titagarh Wagons is a leading private railway sector stocks company engaged in the manufacturing of railway wagons, coaches, and steel castings. The company specializes in freight wagons, including open and covered wagons, flat wagons, and specialized wagons for carrying specific goods. Considered one of the best railway stocks India that serve both domestic and international markets, therefore, you should check for its railway share price.

Texmaco Rail & Engineering Ltd

Texmaco Rail & Engineering is a diversified engineering company with a strong presence in the Indian railway stock list. Operates as one of the best railway stocks in India via multiple business segments, including rail and metro systems, steel foundry, and heavy engineering. Texmaco Rail & Engineering manufactures a wide range of railway products. It also undertakes railway infrastructure projects and offers turnkey solutions for metro rail systems. For updated railway share prices, check their website.

Features of Indian Railways Share

Let’s have a look at the rail stocks in India down below: 

  • Extensive Network: Fourth largest railway network globally, spanning over 68,000 km.
  • Passenger-Centric: World’s largest passenger carrier, transporting millions daily.
  • Freight Powerhouse: Key player in goods transportation, supporting India’s economic growth.
  • Diverse Services: Offers catering, tourism, parcel, and various train types.
  • Modernizing and Expanding: Investing heavily in technology and infrastructure development.

How to Invest in the Best Rail Stocks in India?

There are several avenues to invest in the best rail stocks in India, catering to different risk appetites and investment styles. One can buy from Indian railway stocks list with prices individually or by buying mutual funds or exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that invest in rail stocks. You can also invest a fixed amount regularly in railway-focused mutual funds or ETFs through systematic investment plans (SIPs) to benefit from rupee-cost averaging and long-term wealth creation.

Investing in the Best Rail Stocks via smallcase

To avoid confusion and adopt a hassle-free method of investing, you can also invest in curated portfolios of the best railway stocks India designed by experts, offering a balance between diversification and active management.

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Make sure you do your diligent research before picking the right railway stocks, considering your long-term investment goals and risk appetite.

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Factors to Consider Before Investing in Top Indian Rail Stocks

Here are some factors to consider before investing in the best railway stocks in India:

  • Government Policy: The Indian government is investing heavily in the railways, which is a positive sign for the railway sector stocks. Therefore, the government has set a target of doubling the size of the Indian railways stock list network by 2030. As a result, this is expected to lead to increased demand for railway services.
  • Economic Growth: The Indian economy is growing at a rapid pace, which is another positive sign for the railway sector stocks. As the economy grows, more people will be able to afford to travel by train, which will lead to increased demand for the best railway stocks India.
  • Competition: The Indian railway stocks sector is facing increasing competition from other modes of transport, such as road and air travel. However, the railways still have several advantages, such as their high capacity and low cost.
  • Financial Performance: It is important to assess the financial performance of the Indian rail stock companies before investing. Look at factors such as revenue growth, profitability, and debt levels.
  • Valuation: Railway share prices are currently trading at a relatively low valuation. This could be a good opportunity to buy into the sector, but it is important to remember that valuations can change quickly.

Benefits of Investing in Rail Stocks in India

There are many advantages to investing in rail stocks. Here are a few of the most important ones:

  • Diversification: Investing in a list of railway stocks in India can help diversify an investor’s portfolio, reducing overall risk. Rail stocks are not as correlated with other asset classes, such as stocks and bonds, which can help to reduce the volatility of an investor’s portfolio.
  • Long-Term Investment: All rail stocks are often seen as long-term investments, with the potential for steady growth over time. The railway industry is cyclical but it has a long history of growth. This makes rail stocks a good option for those who are looking for a long-term investment.
  • Dividends: Many railway companies pay dividends, which can provide investors with a steady stream of income. Companies in the rail sector typically establish themselves well and have a history of paying dividends, making them a attractive option for investors seeking income.
  • Government Support: The rail stocks of companies are often supported by the government, which can provide a number of benefits. For example, the government may provide subsidies for railway construction or operation, which can help to reduce the cost of doing business for railway companies.
  • Increasing Demand: The demand for railway services is increasing, due to factors such as population growth, urbanization, and economic growth. This increasing demand is expected to lead to increased revenue, a rise in railway share prices, and more.

Investing in Rail Stocks: Tips and Strategies

It will be easier for you to navigate the railway share market with more confidence and potentially benefit from the growth and stability of this vital industry if you follow these tips: 

  • Do Your Research: Before investing in any rail stocks, it is important to do your research and understand the company’s business model, financial performance, and competitive landscape.
  • Consider the Long Term: Railway shares or rail shares in India can be often seen as a long-term investment, with the potential for steady growth over time. Investors should be prepared to hold their investments for the long term.
  • Diversify Your Portfolio: It is important to diversify your investments and not put all of your eggs in one basket. By investing in a variety of rail stocks, you can reduce your overall risk.
  • Rebalance Your Portfolio Regularly: As your investments in rail stocks grow, it is important to rebalance your portfolio to ensure that it remains aligned with your risk tolerance and investment goals.
  • Consider Using Stop-Loss Orders: Stop-loss orders can help you to protect your profits or limit your losses if the railway share price of a company falls sharply.
  • Be Patient: Investing in rail stocks can be a long-term investment. It is important to be patient and not expect to get rich quickly.

As always, investors must do their own research and/or consult their financial advisor before investing in railway stocks India.

To Wrap It Up…

In conclusion, the evolution of rail stocks and the railway industry presents future growth, innovation, and enduring relevance. Thus, companies mentioned earlier will have a diverse range of opportunities opening up for their rail sector shares. However, by adopting a diversified approach, a long-term mindset, and staying well-informed, investors can position themselves to ride the rails of success in the ever-evolving world of rail stocks.

Are you ready to hop on board and ride the railway wave? By investing in a smallcase portfolio of rail shares, you can not only be part of this transformative journey but also enjoy the potential benefits of a diversified investment approach. So, hop aboard and consider exploring smallcase to invest in a portfolio of rail stocks, and be a part of the fascinating evolution of the railway industry.


1. What are the best railway stocks to buy in India? 

The five best railway stocks to buy in India 2024 are:
1.  Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation Ltd.
2. Container Corporation of India Ltd. 
3. Indian Railway Finance Corporation Ltd.
4. Rail Vikas Nigam (RVNL)
5. RITES Ltd

Note: This information is provided for educational purposes and is not intended as a recommendation or endorsement

2. How can I invest in railway sector stocks?

To invest in the railway sector share list, open a brokerage account, research railway companies, fund your account, place buy orders for selected stocks, and monitor your investments. Moreover, you can also invest in the best railway stocks listed in NSE via smallcase.

3. Is it a good time to invest in the best railway stocks India? 

The suitability of investing in India railway stocks depends on your financial goals, the growth of railway sector stocks, and market conditions. However, it’s important to do your own research and/or consult a financial advisor before investing in the best railway stocks in India.

4. Who should invest in railway sector stocks? 

Railway sector stocks can be suitable for long-term investors seeking diversification and believing in the sector’s growth potential. However, one must consider their risk appetite and investment goals before investing.

5. What is Rail Drishti?

The Indian Railways stock list has introduced a mobile app and internet platform called Rail Drishti. It usually offers up-to-date data and perceptions about several facets of the Indian railway network.