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image The Rise of India’s Insurance Industry
Reading Time: 3 minutes
The pandemic has highlighted the role insurance plays in safeguarding our well-being and securing our future. Even beyond the pandemic effect, the insurance industry has experienced a surge driven by evolving demographics and a thriving economy. India's young population, increasing disposable incomes, growing financial awareness, and robust regulatory support are all contributing to the sector's growth.
image India’s IT sector: A deep dive
Reading Time: 5 minutes
The internet revolution has put India and its skilled workforce in the global limelight. Read more about the booming IT sector and its future.
image India’s Energy Sector – A Powerhouse
Reading Time: 4 minutes
India's energy needs are crucial for its growth goals. Also, with development, comes the need for a cheap and sustainable means of power. Read more about India's energy sector.
image Anatomy of the Indian Pharma Industry
Reading Time: 5 minutes
The Indian pharma industry is the world’s 3rd largest by volume, the largest supplier of generic drugs & caters to ~50% of global vaccine demands.