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image Blinging in Luxury: Navigating the Shimmering Rise of Luxury in India
Reading Time: 6 minutes
From Bollywood icons donning global brands to a booming luxury market surge, our deep dive reveals a nation at the forefront of opulence. Explore the rise of luxury cars, high spirits, and dream homes. Witness global brands making India their canvas. Join the affluent wave steering India's luxury market to unprecedented heights.
image The Electric Vehicle Revolution and the Role of Batteries
Reading Time: 7 minutes
In this article, we'll delve into the evolution of lithium-ion batteries, exploring their origins, the crucial domain of mineral extraction, and the intricate manufacturing processes shaping the EV supply chain.
image India’s 6G Vision: A Quest for Technological Dominance
Reading Time: 3 minutes
India has taken a bold step toward embracing 6G technology. Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled a comprehensive Bharat 6G vision document, showcasing India's determination to not only adopt but also lead in the global 6G wave.