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2017 at smallcase – Year In Review

2017 at smallcase – Year In Review
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2017 was an exciting year for all of us at smallcase.

We witnessed the best year for the Indian stock markets since 2009, in terms of returns & inflows from domestic investors. We are thrilled to have played our part, with over 1 lakh retail investors using smallcases to invest in the markets.

In June, we announced a milestone of over Rs 100 crore being transacted in smallcases and at that time, we had not even turned one! Watch out for the next milestone in the coming months.

We’re committed to democratising access to investing, making it simple, intuitive & intelligent and have come a long way this year in that effort.

DIY smallcases, stock screening, SIP & other features

In February, we launched the ability to customize your smallcases, and followed it up with the Create your smallcase flow in March.

The process for DIY smallcases was made more efficient with the launch of a powerful, comprehensive stock screener to discover & filter the right stocks and build your portfolio

It is also now easier to track & manage smallcases with the introduction of SIP, exiting your smallcase partially and the much-requested Android app to track your smallcases on the go.

On the smallcases front

We launched 15 new professionally-built smallcases this year, including Select smallcases, taking the total smallcases line-up to 68 across a wide range of ideas, strategies & sectors.

Our smallcases generated an overall return of 64.08% in 2017, outperforming the Nifty (30.44%) and equity mutual funds (38%).

Even since the launch of smallcase, the average returns generated by them have been substantially higher.

smallcase returns

Each smallcase belongs to a certain type . Strategy-based smallcases performed the best with an average return of 69.35%, thematic ones following next at 63.46% and sectoral trackers with a 53.21% average returns.

smallcase returns

The most popular smallcase (based on amount invested) for 2017 was Digital Inclusion (riding on the Jio hype and increasing mobile/internet penetration) followed by 4 strategy-based smallcases.

popular smallcases

What 2018 holds

We’re super excited for the new year. We have built an incredible team that just keeps impressing me, and we’ve never had a more ambitious roadmap. We are prepared to make 2018 smallcase’s best year yet with more new ideas, tools and unique experiences to simplify investing (starting with the iOS app).

As always, a huge thanks to our partners in Zerodha, Thomson Reuters and Timeless. I look forward to welcoming some of the biggest financial brands in the country as our partners in the coming year.

Wishing all of you a brilliant 2018, and thank you for being a part of our journey.

More Twitter love at http://bit.ly/smallcaselove

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2017 at smallcase – Year In Review
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