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AxisDirect BFSI smallcase

AxisDirect BFSI smallcase
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If there’s one sector that has infiltrated and impacts every other industry, it’s the Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI) industry. No matter what a company might be manufacturing/creating and selling, they have to interact & do business with at least one entity from the BFSI industry, most commonly a bank.

While banks are the flag-bearers of this sector, the other 2 are poised to rapidly grow in the coming few years. With increasing financial awareness, penetration in the equities & fixed income space is increasing, there is an increase in the number of businesses offering niche financial advice to businesses as well as retail investors. And the insurance sector is also witnessing good growth as more domestic & foreign players spice up the competition and leverage technology to reach to the millions of Indians who are currently uninsured.

As per an ASSOCHAM and IndiaFirst Life Insurance report, millennials make-up 47% of India’s working population and they will be the primary contributors to economic growth whether as consumers, entrepreneurs or investors. This could be good news for the Banking, financial services and insurance industry (BFSI) as consumption will boost spending, new businesses will require capital and more investments would overall strengthen the finance sector.

The banking and financial services sector is also gearing up for the future by adopting modern technology focusing not just on improving customer experience but also optimizing internal operations. 

You can take advantage of the growth potential of the BFSI sector with 2 smallcases from AxisDirect, each focusing on a different market segment:

  • AxisDirect BFSI smallcase (Large Cap): This smallcase consists of BFSI focused blue-chip stocks that are industry leaders. These are strong companies with an effective management & a proven track record
  • AxisDirect BFSI smallcase (Emerging Mid-caps). This smallcase includes stocks from the emerging BFSI space – handpicked with a focus on performance, management, risk-reward, and potential. All stocks chosen have been analyzed for future growth & expansion potential, e.g. Bank of Baroda, LIC Housing Finance, and SBI Life Insurance

If you’re thinking of investing in the booming Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) industry, these smallcases might be ideal for you.


AxisDirect launched smallcases in July 2018, and the AxisDirect Research team has created 24 smallcases since. smallcases are portfolios of stocks/ETFs that have an underlying theme or an established investing strategy. smallcases are inherently diversified, have no additional cost on AxisDirect, and prove to be far more cost-efficient than mutual funds in the long-run. Login now with your AxisDirect account to invest in smallcases.

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AxisDirect BFSI smallcase
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