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Borosil Renewables Ltd. – The rising solar giant of India

Borosil Renewables Ltd. – The rising solar giant of India
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The trajectory traced by Borosil Renewables Ltd. has been exemplary. They recently crossed the $1 billion market cap, which had been hovering around $10 million to $100 million for almost a decade. And of course, this journey is one for corporate India to stand and notice.

For almost a decade it struggled and just kept itself alive in the onslaught of Chinese competition which killed the solar glass factories around the world.

When most of the entrepreneurs around the world gave up, Mr Kheruka just hung on there. He sprang into action at the very first sight of opportunity and like a true champion moved with God speed and made the company ready for its biggest leap ever. Luck came their way when the Chinese couldn’t ship containers and defaulted on commitments. The Indian government also gave it another home run by imposing import duties.

On seeing the opportunity, the eyes of our Indian tiger lit up and took the Chinese hands-on and set on a journey to expand its territory. Onlookers had their doubts about this endeavour, but Mr Kheruka kept on announcing new capacities to fend off any competition that was plotting to attack its castle.

We are happy to ride this fantastic journey and with almost 10x returns it’s more than a dream come true for us. 

Entrepreneurs like him are true inspirations and lead by example. They’re the ones who make our country, investors, and all stakeholders proud and confident.

Our research work on the enterprise and management of Borosil prompted us to look even further into the sector for other such strong companies and triggers. During the whole process, we caught hold of good comfort with the sector.

Keeping this rationale in mind, we introduced our “Green Energy” smallcase portfolio in March 2021 on the theme of “Energy transition – towards renewable energy sources”. Energy transition refers to the global energy sector’s shift from fossil-based systems of energy production and consumption — including oil, natural gas, and coal — to renewable energy sources like wind and solar, as well as other sources like biofuels.

With this shift in trend towards renewable and clean sources of energy, companies within the industry are expected to flourish. Also, with the Government’s support through policies such as raise of Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme funding from Rs. 4500 Cr to Rs. 24000 Cr, the “Green energy” sector stands to only benefit.

Our Green Energy smallcase has delivered a return of 108.93% to date.

The portfolio has outperformed for the last month also with a phenomenal return of 12.79% compared to the equity smallcap return of -2.27% and nifty return of -5.71%.

Had you invested Rs. 1 Lakh in Niveshaay’s green energy smallcase a month back, it would have given Rs. 1,12,790/- back.Had you invested Rs. 1 Lakh in Niveshaay’s green energy smallcase at the inception, it would have given Rs. 2,08,930/- back.

Green Energy smallcase by Niveshaay

We thank our patrons for choosing Niveshaay!

We are glad for the trust you placed in us and are committed to providing you with the best of our services.

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Borosil Renewables Ltd. – The rising solar giant of India