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Create smallcases using Tickertape Screener

Create smallcases using Tickertape Screener
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Most people are in a dilemma when making an investment, it could be to buy a car, a house or investing in the stock market. Right direction is important in making money-related decisions. So, if you’ve decided to invest in markets, then there are more than 1300 securities to choose from NSE alone, which stock will you choose from? 

What if there was a tool to help give you the right direction? A tool, that allows you to choose from stocks that have performed well in last one year, base it on market-cap of a company, or a way to find similar stocks to the ones you already like. Yes, there is a tool like this. 

Introducing Screener by Tickertape, a stock discovery tool designed for retail investors to help them invest better in stocks.

From finding stocks with strong upside potential in the IT sector to investing in seasonal summer stocks, or investing in undervalued stocks to building a portfolio of high momentum stocks using technical indicators, Tickertape screener can do the job in just a few clicks. Upon narrowing down the stocks you like, you can invest in them in a few clicks and track them all as your own customised smallcase. Cool isn’t it? 👌 

Use 130+ filters to choose stocks

Create your own smallcases based on these filters available on Screener. You can start with some of the most commonly used filters:

  1. Market Cap – refers to the total market value of a company. If a company with 2 lakh shares is selling at Rs. 100, then the market cap of the company is 2 crores (current price x no. of shares). It is generally used to gauge how big a company is.
  2. Close Price – During trade hours – price of a stock keeps rising/falling. Closing price of the day is the weighted average price of the last 30 mins of trading.
  3. P/E ratio The price-to-earnings ratio (P/E ratio) is the value generated by dividing the (market value per share of a company) by (its earnings per share). Higher the ratio, higher growth is expected in the future. 

To see the full list of filters, you can click on the ADD FILTER button. To make it easier to navigate and choose from, these filters have been classified into different categories like Profitability, Valuation, Broker Ratings etc.

Like we said earlier, there are over 130 filters, but if you have a filter on mind that is not available on the platform, then you can create one on your own. These filters that you create are categorised under ‘My Filters’. 

You can use filters like these, to provide you with a direction, which in turn can help you narrow down on a set of stocks. Invest in all these stocks in a few clicks and follow them all in one smallcase. It’s that simple 💁.

How to use Screener?

  • Once you land on the Screener page, you’ll see on the left hand side, three filters are applied by default. You may choose to continue using those filters or click on ‘clear’.

  • Choose a sector by toggling the ‘Sector’ tab.
  • To add a stock to your portfolio, just click on the “+” button in front of the stock name.

  • If you are looking for more information on the stocks, then you can click on the name of the company to see further details

  • A glimpse into stock specific information

  • Once you have added all the stocks, click on the button on the bottom right of your screen – you can review the stocks added to the portfolio

  • Once that’s done, you can click on ‘Buy Portfolio’ – it’ll lead you to broker login page. Once you connect your broker account, you can complete buying the stocks as a portfolio on your respective broker platform.

  • You can see what amount you’ll be investing in for your newly made smallcase. You can make changes to weightage and stocks here. You can choose from three types of weighting schemes: equi-weighted, market cap weighted and custom weighted schemes. 

  • If you are not sure of what weights these stocks must carry, you may choose stocks by number of shares.

  • Once you have chosen all the stocks, if there are similar stocks to the ones you have currently added, you can see them on the right hand corner.

  • Compare the past 1 year performance of your smallcase with Nifty.

  • Once you are happy with the stocks, weights – you can add details for your smallcase – image, name, overview and buy it immediately

  • Or you can also save your smallcase for later, track it on your Drafts page and buy it whenever you feel like.

Well, that’s that. 👨‍🏫Now you know how to use Screener and create your own custom smallcase. Screener is a good place to start your research process as it can save time and narrow down your options to a more manageable basket of stocks. Be your own advisor – choose your stocks, create a smallcase and invest in a few clicks.

As always, let us know your thoughts in comments below. Happy Investing! 🙂

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Create smallcases using Tickertape Screener
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