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Frequently Asked Questions

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We’ve tried to answer some frequently asked questions in this article concerning the revisions of transactional charges for smallcases on your broker. Please reach out to us at help@smallcase.com in case you have any further questions.

1. What has changed for me?

For every smallcase, a transaction fee of β‚Ή100 (capped at 1.5% of the investment amount) will be applied when you invest a lump sum amount to your new or existing smallcase investment, effective 21st November 2022.

For SIPs, a charge of β‚Ή10 (again capped at 1.5% of the amount transacted), effective 21st November 2022. Any auto-SIP set up before this date will not incur this fee.

There will be no charges for rebalancing, placing manage orders and partially/fully exiting your smallcase.

Other statutory charges such as GST, STT, Demat, brokerage & taxes will be applied as usual.

2. Will I be charged for my previous smallcase orders?

By the nature of it, smallcase transaction charges only apply when you place a new order into an existing or new smallcase. Hence, no new charges will be levied unless you put in a new order to add more amount on your existing or new smallcase investment.

3. Will I still be charged for smallcases created by me?

Yes. smallcase transaction fees are applied by your broker irrespective of the type of smallcase that you are investing in. Hence, a maximum transaction fee of β‚Ή100 will be applicable when you put money in a created smallcase. Similarly, a maximum fee of β‚Ή10 will be levied when you put in money via SIP.

4. Do these charges apply to free smallcases as well?

Yes, transaction fees are different from subscription charges. Free smallcases disclose the underlying stocks and weights for free, which is not true for subscription-based smallcases. Future rebalances on such smallcases also come free of cost.

Here’s what is different between transaction fees and subscription fees –

  • Transaction Fee
    TL;DR – Transaction charges are what you pay when you place an order on a smallcase. These charges include brokerage and regulatory fees.

    The transaction fee is what your broker charges you. You can find details of these charges in your broker ledger and equity contract note. It includes all the charges you pay while buying any stock/ETF from your broker, plus any additional charges if the broker levies. You can find the details of these charges on the fee page of your smallcase broker platform. 
  • Subscription Fee
    TL;DR – Subscription charges are charges you pay to the Managers for their research.

    The Manager of a particular smallcase charges the subscription fee to access the stocks and ETFs constituting that smallcase. This fee directly goes from the user to the smallcase Manager. The respective Managers themselves chalk out the subscription plans and their details. You can currently check out the details of this fee as a part of the subscription flow. 

5. If I have invested in a smallcase with a lifetime offer, will I incur the fee?

Nope, if you have a lifetime free offer running on any smallcase investment, you will not incur any transaction fees until you exit the smallcase. This one’s on us! However, other statutory charges will apply as usual.

*GST applicable on all charges as usual.

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Frequently Asked Questions
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