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How to Outperform the Market with Momentum & Sonam Srivastava

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You wish to outperform the market, right? Have heard about alpha in the markets but don’t know what it means and how to generate it? Does momentum as a strategy really work?

At Wright Research, we manage 5 diverse smallcases, each with its own intricacies and nuances. Both our existing and potential clients are keen to learn about our investment strategy:

  • How we create portfolios by identifying the stocks using various factors to generate alpha.
  • How we plan our entries and exits while managing the risks involved.

We have partnered with LearnApp to create a Masterclass on our Investing Strategy

There’s 1 hour of video content suitable for beginner to intermediate investors to learn from.

There’s also a quiz at the end for you to test how much you’ve learned!

The Masterclass is made up of 3 Lessons which you can watch anytime as per your convenience, where you will learn:

  • What are the various factors in the market that can generate Alpha.
  • How momentum as a factor has performed in Indian markets as well as globally.
  • The different signals to measure momentum and the types of momentum.
  • The rules of the strategy and its implementation in the market.
  • Interesting examples of stocks that the momentum strategy was able to catch in the past.
  • How momentum strategy has worked in bear as well as sideways markets.
  • How to save your portfolio from extreme drawdowns and book profits on time.
  • Learn which type of investor should follow this strategy and how much proportion of portfolio capital should be allocated to this strategy.

Get access to this Masterclass for FREE

The LearnApp subscription to watch this Masterclass is worth ₹8,999/Yr. But as a special offer for smallcase users, you can get free access to this masterclass!


By watching the masterclass, you will gain a deeper understanding of our approach and be better equipped to make the decision to subscribe to the Wright Momentum smallcase

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How to Outperform the Market with Momentum & Sonam Srivastava
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