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smallcase partners with CAIA for 10 Lessons in Finance

Reading Time: 3 minutes What is the best financial lesson that you’ve ever received? How grand would it be if we could compile the best ones in one place? The CAIA Association of India started 10 Lessons in Finance with exactly this objective in mind, to tackle financial problems and create awareness with the CAIA panel.


Frequently Asked Questions

We've tried to answer some frequently asked questions in this article concerning the revisions of transactional charges for smallcases on...

Musings with Analyst – October 2022

Reading Time: 3 minutes This blogpost takes you through the workings of quality score that Windmill Capital uses as a proprietary input in our rebalance decisions.

Understanding InvITs

Reading Time: 7 minutes This edition of Musings talks about the curious case of InvITs in India. We decided to explore InvITs and detail out all you need to know!


All About Electric Mobility

Reading Time: 5 minutes In this blogpost, we talk all things electric! We were one of the early adopters of the EV revolution in India and launched a smallcase back in 2016. The blogpost details few companies within the smallcase that has been contributing positively to the EV ecosystem in India.