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Introducing smallcases on Aliceblue

Introducing smallcases on Aliceblue
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We are excited to announce that our integration with Aliceblue is now live. Aliceblue is one of the top discount brokers in the country and a subsidiary of Aliceblue. Now, all Aliceblue account holders can now invest in smallcases.

A smallcase is a basket of stocks or ETFs, selected & weighted intelligently to reflect a specific idea or strategy. You can invest in a smallcase, track it with a custom index value updated in real-time & set up an SIP in just a click. The quick, seamless & hassle-free experience of investing in smallcases remains intact on the Aliceblue platform.

In addition to the catalog of smallcases (asset allocation, smart beta, thematic/sectoral) built by our in-house Investment Products team, Aliceblue’s research team has also created exclusive smallcases for their clients:

Exclusive smallcase:

  • Good Start – This smallcase consists of quality stock picks that are ideal for new investors.

As always, you can also create your own smallcase and be your own fund manager in a few clicks.

With this partnership we look forward to make our low-cost, transparent & easy-to-understand investment available to all Indian investors and transform retail investment as we know it.

Welcome to a new way of investing with your Aliceblue account.

[cta color=”blue” title=”Invest in smallcases with Aliceblue” url=”https://aliceblueonline.com/smallcases/” button_text=”Get Started”]#smallcasesBehtarHai[/cta]

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Introducing smallcases on Aliceblue
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