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Introducing smallcases on Angel One

Introducing smallcases on Angel One
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We’re thrilled to announce that smallcases are now available on Angel One, one of India’s most renowned brokers. You can start investing in smallcases with your Angel One credentials, without the hassle of creating a new account!

smallcases are baskets of stocks or ETFs that are professionally created and managed, at no extra cost. They help you invest in multiple stocks or ETFs in just 3 clicks. You can track your portfolio’s performance anytime, anywhere on the Angel One app or on smallcases.angelbroking.com.

That’s not all! You can find your ideal smallcase or create one, and track the stability of your investments in just minutes.

smallcases aim to modernize investing and make it easy & effortless for you. Join the new wave of investors like you and start investing in smallcases with your Angel One account!

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Introducing smallcases on Angel One
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