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Investment Drivers of 2023

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Recently, we got to sit down with Dipen Shah from Stayvan Research Desk. Dipen is known to be one of the youngest and the most experienced Technical Analyst in the country. He possesses more than 18 years of professional experience of the market and has witnessed the entire ups and downs of the market. He has tracked commodities market since its inception on the electronic trading platform. He is the founder & HOD of the FINANCIAL BUSINESS VERTICAL for STAY – RESEARCH, Navi Mumbai which offers 20 unique combinations of investment avenues with 100% potential to outperform the market.

And so indeed we had to grab our chance to have a little chat with him over coffee and find out what the investment drivers of 2023 are.

What is Stayvan’s Investment Philosophy?

To consider investment target for all age groups. For Example: for college grads or youth investment in stock market, as their risk appetite is high, For Nest Eggs a combination of investment in stock market and money market. Our philosophy is value investing. India has the largest youth population in the world.

What are some of the current Investment Drivers?

Well, we have a lot going for us. For starters, we have a huge domestic consumption and out of which we have an estimated middle class of 400 million. The estimation of private consumer market in the country will increase four times by 2026 and rural India is emerging as an upcoming market for all types of consumer goods.

A host of government initiatives has also enabled India’s investment growth including the financial system, improving the infrastructure and relaxing FDI norms the share of retail investors in companies listed in NSE reached an all time high of 7.42 pc as on March 31, 2022. on the FDI front in 2022 reached its highest ever at USD 83.57 Billion at staggering 85.09 pc.

What is the current state of the market and what are your expectations?

2022 was a picture of volatility and war. Hopefully 2023 has calmer waters prevailing and help investors generate decent returns.

Who should invest in smallcases?

In my opinion, those who are hungry for average and high returns and those whose investment horizon of a 5 year plus years. Those who also want to diversify their investment without taking too much risk especially nest Eggs and retired or the aged generation.

Why should someone invest in STAYVAN’s smallcases?

Well, because it is simple and versatile. We have a highly diversified smallcase with no lock ins. Plus we come with more than 25 years of experience in financial markets and also with higher accountability.

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Investment Drivers of 2023
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