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Making CAGR more contextual

Making CAGR more contextual
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The smallcase platform constantly strives to make investing more transparent and accessible for you. Some of the previous updates included a live smallcase performance chart, improved CAGR calculations, and more. Keeping in mind constructive feedback from our investors, we’ve come up with more important updates on the transparency front. 

CAGR (Compounded Annual Growth Rate) plays a key role when comparing smallcases and making investment decisions. Our latest update brings a time label, along with the CAGR, to make it more contextual. It reflects the time period over which the CAGR for that particular smallcase is calculated. It is also worth noting that the calculation of CAGR for smallcases is based ONLY on live data; no backtested data is included in it. This is to ensure our investors always make informed decisions. 

smallcases that have been live for over a year now have an annualized CAGR figure. 

  • smallcases live for 1 year – 1Y CAGR
  • smallcases live for 5 years – 5Y CAGR, and so on.

smallcases that have been live for under a year, will show absolute return values instead of the CAGR. The absolute returns will also come with an associated time period. 

  • smallcases launched 1 month ago – Past 1M Returns
  • smallcases launched 6 months ago –  Past 6M Returns, and so on.

Not only does this help you compare your smallcases more accurately, but also ensures that you’re informed about how the returns of your smallcases have been calculated. 

On the Discover page, you can choose to sort your smallcases based on their 1M, 6M, 1Y, 3Y, and 5Y returns.

When you’re checking out all smallcases, the ones that have been live for over a year are shown to you by default. Should you wish to see the smallcases that have been live for less than a year, you can simply select the include new smallcases filter to see all smallcases, irrespective of their date of launch. 

We hope this new set of transparency updates will further help you as an investor.  Here’s more about our previous updates in this direction – read about the first set of transparency changes here, and our second set of updates here. Please drop in any suggestions or feedback you might have for us at help@smallcase.com, and we’d love to chat. 

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Making CAGR more contextual
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