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Market Learnings from the movie “12th Fail”

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In this article let’s discuss the learnings from an interesting and inspirational movie called “12th Fail.” This movie tells the story of a person striving to become an IPS officer despite facing numerous challenges and setbacks. It resonated with me and taught valuable lessons that can be applied not only in our personal lives but also in the world of investing.

I came across a LinkedIn post by Ravi Nagpal, who summarized the key learnings from this movie. These learnings are not only relevant in the context of the film, but they also hold true for investors seeking success in the stock market. So, let’s dive into the lessons we can extract from “12th Fail” and how they can be applied to our investment strategies.

Lesson 1: Staying Focused

The first lesson from the movie is the importance of staying focused. The protagonist had a clear and singular goal in mind: becoming an IPS officer. Similarly, in the stock market, our focus should not be fixated on the amount of money we want to make or the specific returns we desire. Instead, our focus should revolve around sticking to our strategy and constantly improving upon it.

Whether we follow a discretionary or nondiscretionary strategy, the key is to efficiently execute our chosen approach without flaws. By maintaining focus on our strategy rather than solely on monetary gains, we increase our chances of long-term success in the market.

Lesson 2: Evolving from Mistakes

The second lesson concerns the importance of absorbing and evolving from our mistakes. In the movie, the protagonist faced multiple failures but continued to strive for improvement. This notion also holds true in the stock market. Even if we follow a well-defined strategy, it is inevitable that we will make mistakes along the way. Sometimes, we might be tempted to take shortcuts or deviate from our original plan during lean periods.

Instead, we should embrace our mistakes and shortcomings as opportunities to learn and grow. By thoroughly studying our past failures and identifying areas for improvement, we can refine our strategies and enhance our overall performance in the market.

Lesson 3: Perseverance is the Key

Persistence is a crucial element for success, and this is emphasized in the movie. In the market, returns and success are not linear. There are ups and downs, just as in life. It is essential to persevere through the down phases, drawdowns, and adverse situations that are bound to occur approximately 80% of the time.

Investors should understand that achieving consistent gains in the market requires patience and the ability to weather storms. By persisting through challenging periods, we increase the likelihood of achieving long-term success in our investments.

Lesson 4: Gratitude and Helping Others

The movie also highlights the importance of being grateful to those who lend a helping hand along our journey towards success. This lesson has significant implications not only for personal growth but also for the investment community. When we succeed in the market, it is essential to share our knowledge, help others, and uplift those around us.

By imparting our expertise and supporting others, we contribute to the overall growth and development of the investment community. Furthermore, it is crucial to share our success with our loved ones, ensuring that they benefit from our achievements as well.

Lesson 5: Accepting Criticism as a Challenge

The movie portrays the lead role’s ability to accept criticism and turn it into an opportunity for improvement. Similarly, investors must embrace criticism as a challenge rather than viewing it as a negative critique. The market often throws unexpected curveballs, and it is our responsibility to accept them and adapt our strategies accordingly.

Criticism can serve as a valuable tool for introspection and growth. By accepting market challenges and adapting our approaches, we position ourselves for greater success in the long run.

Lesson 6: Be Ethical and Truthful

The importance of ethics is highlighted in the movie, emphasising the need to be truthful to our working methods, strategies, and rules. In the investment world, being truthful to our processes is crucial. We shouldn’t take shortcuts or deviate from our strategies based on momentary emotions or personal preferences.

While it’s natural to evaluate and adjust our path, it is essential to remain truthful to our chosen strategies while adopting them. Ultimately, if we find that a particular path is not suitable, we can make a thoughtful decision to redirect our efforts. However, during our journey, remaining committed and ethical is of utmost importance.

Lesson 7: Restart

Lastly, the movie teaches us that there is no limit to how many times we can restart or try again. Similarly, in real life, there are unlimited opportunities to learn and grow from failures. Successful investors often face numerous setbacks; it is the ability to restart and persevere that ultimately leads to triumph.

In my own investing journey, I have faced numerous failures and setbacks in various ventures. However, I have learned that by persisting and continuously restarting, success can be achieved. It is crucial to reassess our strategies, learn from past mistakes, and keep moving forward with determination.

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Market Learnings from the movie “12th Fail”
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