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Most Asked Questions by Niveshaay Investors

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1. What is the ideal holding period for Niveshaay smallcases?

At Niveshaay, our investment strategy is oriented towards the long term, with a focus on sectors and industries poised for high growth in terms of revenue, earnings, and cash flow. This could be due to industry-wide healthy tailwinds or the turnaround of a particular company.

Typically, our investment horizon spans at least three years.

2. How subscriber should invest right now – Lumpsum or SIP?

At present, it seems that specific micro-cap stocks are overvalued, emphasizing the importance of exercising caution in investment decisions. Therefore, we advocate adopting a systematic investment plan (SIP) approach and the event of any alteration in the deployment approach, we will provide recommendations accordingly.

3. What is the rebalancing frequency of smallcase and is the investment rationale shared with investors?

Our dedicated research team consistently monitors the portfolio, tracking each company and its developments. We promptly rebalance when there are notable changes in fundamentals or market sentiment, or when new company-specific opportunities emerge. Yes, we provide brief research rationale during rebalancing and it is available on the Smallcase Application.

4. What return should investors expect in the next 10 yrs?

We advise investors to uphold long-term investments to maximize returns, particularly given the market’s volatility. It’s important to note that in accordance with SEBI regulations, we refrain from making any commitments or assurances of guaranteed or risk-free returns to investors.

5. How we can get in touch personally with manager?

We’ve organized meet-and-greet gatherings in Bangalore, Chennai, and Mumbai, and we’re eager to extend our reach to additional cities in the near future. These events allow us to forge personal connections with our subscribers.

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Most Asked Questions by Niveshaay Investors
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