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Most Bought smallcases of March 2023

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In the first week of March, Indian share markets saw positive growth, with IT stocks and Adani group stocks driving momentum higher. The second week was more volatile, with early losses recovered by gains in IT stocks before a sharp downturn caused by mixed global cues and concerns about the impact of Silicon Valley Bank on domestic markets. The third week saw deep losses triggered by global contagion fears, while the final week brought some relief with advanced talks for the acquisition of the collapsed Silicon Valley Bank. Overall, the Indian share markets experienced fluctuations throughout March, with global events and economic data driving investor sentiment. With that being said lets now look at the Most Bought smallcases of March 2023.

smallcases are model portfolios of stocks/ETFs based on a theme, idea or strategy. It is a modern investment instrument for investors to build long-term diversified portfolios. smallcases are created by SEBI registered professionals. smallcases have successfully brought a different flavour to investing making access easy  across various strategies, market segments, sectors and risk profiles.

Green Energy

  • Managed by: Niveshaay
  • Small-cap
  • A portfolio of stocks, which will get benefit from the renewable energy sector development and energy transition
  • Energy transition refers to the global energy sector’s shift from fossil-based systems of energy production and consumption — including oil, natural gas, and coal — to renewable energy sources like wind and solar, as well as other sources like biofuels.

Green Energy smallcase by Niveshaay


  • Managed by: Basant Maheshwari
  • Large-cap
  • The portfolio comprises of 20 solid names. Companies that will keep growing for longer periods of time and will deliver above average returns when compared to the underlying index – the Nifty 50
  • This smallcase offering is known as ‘BM Nifty Top 20’ that can generate alpha over a Nifty ETF that blindly mirrors the constituents of the Nifty 50. This portfolio was built keeping in mind the lower risk appetite of many small investors that have lower capital and who want to beat the Nifty 50 and an average mutual fund over a longer-term time horizon

BM NIFTY TOP 20 smallcase by Basant Maheshwari Investing

Brand Value

  • Managed by: Windmill Capital
  • Large-cap
  • Companies that own India’s everyday brands. Top consumer favorites
  • India’s aspirational class is huge and its total consumption is also very high
  • This change in consumption patterns will increase demand across sectors like food & beverages, clothing & footwear, household goods, healthcare and leisure facilities
  • Companies with strong brands will benefit from such consumption
  • A brand is usually a name that consumers emotionally associated to, which creates a moat for the company

Brand Value smallcase by Windmill Capital

Wright ⚡️ Momentum

  • Managed by: Wright Research
  • Large-cap
  • Momentum investing! Invest in trending stocks
  • This is a multi stock portfolio of 20-25 stocks selected from the top 300 universe

Wright ⚡️ Momentum smallcase by Wright Research

Listed Venture Capital

  • Managed by: Lotusdew
  • Small-cap
  • Venture Capital style investments into small listed companies with quality governance board & quality earnings poised to grow
  • Fundamental ideas are used like variability of margins, earnings stability, one off items in reported earnings as few of the methods to further shortlist
  • Portfolio construction techniques are used to make the small case representative of the broad economy

Listed Venture Capital smallcase by Lotusdew Wealth

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Most Bought smallcases of March 2023
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