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Experts foresee negative economic impact

Experts foresee negative economic impact
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Markets update

  • Equity markets ended in green during a truncated trading week
  • Sensex closed at 31,159.6, up 12.93% and Nifty closed up 12.72% at 9,111.9. Nifty 500 also gained 12.1% during the week
  • India Services PMI declined to 49.3 in March 2020 from February’s 85-month high of 57.5, and below market expectations of 52.5
  • India’s Industrial Production Growth accelerated to 4.5% year-on-year in February 2020, from 2.1% in the previous month
  • Experts foresee a negative impact on the economy during the first half of FY21 and expect recovery only during the second half of the financial year

Other updates

  • As of Friday evening, 16,11,981 cases of coronavirus and 96,783 deaths due to the disease have been reported across the world. India has reported 6,412 cases and 199 deaths
  • Last week, PM Narendra Modi told the parliament floor leaders that the situation in the country was akin to a “social emergency” due to the coronavirus pandemic. He also indicated that the curbs would be extended beyond April 14th
  • Both Punjab and Odisha have announced that the lockdown would be extended till April 30th
  • States across India have also identified hotspots which will be locked down completely, with no person allowed to leave or enter these areas
  • A localized area where 10 or more cases of infection are found is known as a disease cluster. An area is called a hotspot when there are several clusters developing in any particular region

Add stability with large-caps

  • The Top 100 Stocks smallcase comprises 2 ETFs that represent the 100 largest companies. It uses a proprietary algorithm to generate a weighing scheme that minimizes risk
  • These well established and reputed companies have long standing operating histories that enable them to deal with market volatility much better than their smaller counterparts
  • While holding stocks of these companies add the much needed stability to your portfolio during market turmoil, it also gives the investor an added advantage of steady dividend payouts which aid long term wealth creation
  • The 2 ETFs that provide exposure to these companies are Nifty 50 ETF and Junior Bees ETF

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Experts foresee negative economic impact
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