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PM Modi’s $5 trillion vision

PM Modi’s $5 trillion vision
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smallcases are Rebalanced

Thematic, model-based and sectoral smallcases with a quarterly schedule have been rebalanced. Regular rebalancing ensures that the smallcases are always true to the underlying theme/idea. You can now invest in newly rebalanced smallcases with a brand new set of stocks and apply updates to your invested smallcases.

Rural Economy key to PM Modi’s $5 trillion vision

On June 15, 2019, PM Modi announced the formation of a powerful task force to suggest structural reforms aimed at boosting farm productivity & sale of agricultural produce in order to boost farmers’ income.

This will be a key component of the PM’s vision of making India a $5 trillion economy by 2024. PM Modi will be the chair the governing council of the think-tank, which also includes all state chief ministers as its members. The committee will have a core focus on the implementation of the Model APMC Act but also look at other aspects of the agricultural economy – like a re-evaluation of the Essential Commodities Act in order ease of restrictions on farm exports & liberalisation of land leasing norms.

The overall objective is to boost the income of farmers by ensuring fair remuneration for agricultural produce, streamlining of supply, driving investment into the sector, etc. In turn, these reforms will boost the overall rural & Indian economy.

You can also benefit from this development by investing in the Rising Rural Demand smallcase. This smallcase invests in companies that derive a significant amount of their revenue from rural India, thus allowing investors to benefit from this expected growth in the rural economy.

New collection

smallcases for New Investors

Investing for the first time can be overwhelming. To help make the first investment easier for you, we’ve created a collection of six smallcases that are ideal for new investors. These smallcases focus on investing in quality companies that are proven & stable businesses. As such, these smallcases are less risky and provide a more firm footing for your first steps in the investing journey.

The collection even has one smallcase that comprises of fixed income & gold ETFs, along with equities. It focuses on downside protection, meaning that even when the markets crash, your investment doesn’t drop that much – that’s why it’s called the All Weather Investing smallcase.

Check out the entire collection – and remember, you can always get in touch if you have any questions or need additional guidance. Happy investing!

Markets update

Benchmark indices ended the week in red for the third straight week, with the Nifty being down 0.84% at 11,724.1 and the Sensex closing at 39,194.5, down 0.65%.

The rising price of oil, which has soared almost 10% in the past week, has led to concerns that it will boost inflation & slow India’s economic growth.

Investing Insights

Busting myth around ETF liquidity

Many Indian investors have stayed far away from investing in ETFs believing that they are illiquid. We bust the myth around ETF liquidity in our second post of the series on ETF education.

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PM Modi’s $5 trillion vision
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