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Goodbye spreadsheets, hello Publisher

Goodbye spreadsheets, hello Publisher
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Since we opened up our Publisher platform to Independent RAs/RIAs/PMS to enable them to create their portfolios as smallcases, we have been continuously improving our platform to help Publishers scale their research & advisory practice. 

In our interaction with a lot of Research creators, we observed that one of the major bottlenecks faced by them in scaling their advisory is its operationally intensive nature. To address this, today, we are excited to announce a major platform upgrade which eliminates all the critical operational hassles faced by them.

The true impact of this automation can be best explained by comparing the advisor’s existing workflow with the new workflow powered by the Publisher platform.  

Showcasing & Disseminating research

Old Way:
Creator’s research resides inside Google Sheets and is disseminated via emails, Whatsapp and Slack groups.

The Publisher Way:
Publisher’s smallcases are showcased on a dedicated website with the CAGR, past performance, rationale, etc. of the smallcase provided in an easily digestible manner. The emailers are also automated including rebalance, subscription, investment reminders, etc.

User onboarding

Old Way:
A user interested in a research creator’s services either fills an enquiry form on the website or drops an email to them. From enquiry to subscription, it requires multiple follow-ups from the creator to gather the client’s KYC information, collect their payment, etc. 

The Publisher Way:
User onboarding is completely automated and takes less than a minute, with the user subscribing directly from the personalized website. User logins with their broker account to help with KYC, makes the payment for their preferred plan and gets instant investment access, through one single integrated subscription flow. 

Additionally, the Publisher platform also acts as an in-built CRM with effective lead management & automated retargeting for dropped-off users.

Order placing & tracking

Old Way:
Users place individual trades for each stock in the portfolio separately using Google Sheets as a reference and this process is repeated every time a portfolio rebalance is added. Post-execution, they use portfolio tracking apps to track their portfolio returns and share the trade details (if at all) with their advisor via broker contract notes or Google Sheets.

The Publisher Way:
A user executes an auto-generated portfolio order in 1-click and tracks his/her investment at the portfolio level on their broker’s platform. Whenever a rebalance is added to a smallcase through the Publisher platform, an automated email is sent to the invested users through which they can apply the rebalance order in 1-click. 

After the user invests, Publishers can track their net-worth & PnL on the Publisher platform.

Subscription Management

Old Way:
Research creator manually tracks subscription cycles for each user including removing unsubscribed from mailing lists, sending subscription renewal reminders, etc. 

The Publisher Way:
End-to-end subscription management with auto-downgrade on subscription expiry, auto-renewal for supported plans & automated renewal reminders ensure that no manual intervention is required. 

All the above while keeping the Research creator’s brand & philosophy at the core.

We are committed to providing RAs/IAs & PMS with an end-to-end solution to all their operational needs so that they can focus on doing what they do best – providing the best possible research to their clients. 

If you are a SEBI-Registered RA/IA/PMS looking to automate your operations and provide a superior investing experience to your clients, request a demo at publisher.smallcase.com.

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Goodbye spreadsheets, hello Publisher
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