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smallcases names for babies!

smallcases names for babies!
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So, here we are –

Parents have named their babies after brands like Tesla, materials like Denim, even attitude (someone named their daughter Vanity), Games of Thrones characters (Google the Daenerys saga), Disney characters (Jasmine is very popular), Alexa & Siri (AI and babies, ummm, not sure).

It was all fun and games until an Indian couple named their daughter after their favourite mutual fund (Mirae)! Now, that’s taken baby naming to a whole new level. And, it makes a lot of sense — Mirae means good future in the Korean language, something that’s also apt for the baby as well as a financial company. So, we thought, why just Mutual Funds names? Why not something behtar? Why not smallcases?

We wish “All Weather Investing” would be an acceptable name for a baby — sailing through no matter what life throws at him/her just like All Weather is designed for all market conditions with diversification across three asset classes. But, we realise it’s a bit odd (but, who knows? Maybe in the future?). So, for now, here are some smallcases which can be really apt as names for babies:

Pravesh — Available for our 5paisa users, the Pravesh (‘entry’) smallcase is a basket of stocks curated specially for first-time investors with the goal of long-term wealth creation. Moreover, only the companies which have witnessed constant revenue and earnings growth over the last 7 years are considered for the smallcase.

Now, if you look at it, ain’t it a great name for a baby — he is literally taking a ‘Pravesh’ into the world and working towards a better future constant growth in all spheres. The idea of long-term wealth creation emphasises on a good, long life that’s stable and healthy. The Pravesh smallcase captures the entire essence of new beginnings and we assume a baby would love that rock-solid start in life 🙂

Pratham — Pratham meaning ‘first’ is a handpicked basket of all-weather stocks which are expected to do well even during uncertain times. Designed keeping the uncertainties of 2019 in mind, the Pratham smallcase has stock picks of the year 2019.

Parents, are you listening? Imagine the confidence your baby will have with this name. Why? Because he is ‘Pratham’ – the first. Ain’t we all striving in life to be the first since school? Well, okay, not all of us, but it’s just so fabulous to be called Pratham — not just because it denotes the lead position but also embraces the art of tackling uncertainties of life, something that we all have to face one time or the other. Being Pratham is being cool!

Shubham — The Shubham smallcase represents a collection of all-season stocks which have remained investor favourites for a long time and are also expected to do well in foreseeable future. The smallcase only selects dividend-paying companies which have not cut their dividends over the last 5 years.

Now, Shubham is a pretty common name and why wouldn’t it be? It signifies everything auspicious and lucky. But, with the Shubham smallcase, it now makes all the more sense to name your child Shubham – the all-season nature of stock picks evolve into tremendous all-around qualities in the baby to take on life’s challenges, being investor favorites would lead to having qualities that everyone would love – something that’s very rare, not to forget the dividends part (extra income earned over and above gains from the stock) — the extra edge in life that does good in more than one way.

Pragati — Pragati meaning progress is again designed for new investors to help them take their first step in equity investment. Created by Axis Securities Ltd (ASL) Research, the portfolio consists of Large & Midcap companies with high growth potential, proven past track record. Large-cap companies are known to be industry leaders and add stability while mid-caps increase return potential prospects of becoming large-caps as market share, profits, productivity increase. An amazing mix, ain’t it?

Pragati is also a pretty common name in India for girls. Imagine another dimension to this name with the Pragati smallcase — a mix of stability and high growth potential — just the ideal recipe for success. Stability in any form is so important for us all of — in career, in health, in finance. Life would only be enjoyable if it is stable. Add to that ‘high growth potential’— something that a child would really need to move further up in life — and succeed. What a great way to kickstart your life journey with progress in your personality!

Samruddhi — Personally, my favourite of the lot. The Samruddhi smallcase is a portfolio of growth-oriented companies having sound management and proven historical track record. It is suitable for investors seeking long-term capital appreciation.

Samruddhi means prosperity. That’s enough a reason to name one’s child that. But, when you take a look at the Samruddhi smallcase, it becomes all the more enticing. Prosperity driven by a growth-oriented attitude and sound management skills (be it time, work, play, etc.) and proven capital appreciation – a bit of a classic touch of proven performance. A child named after Samruddhi smallcase would be all about having the best life through a fantastic mindset & sound decisions – what else does a name need?

To all the to-be parents out there still thinking about their baby name, look no further — this list is all you need. Until the baby arrives, wouldn’t it be a good idea to do something for a better future for your entire family? Go check out the smallcases first!

For all others, you can still go and check out these smallcases and make a shubh pragati towards samruddhi in life 🙂

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smallcases names for babies!
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