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smallcases, Now on AxisDirect!

smallcases, Now on AxisDirect!
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We are thrilled to announce that smallcases are now available for AxisDirect clients. All 1.5M+ AxisDirect customers can now discover or create and invest in smallcases.

A smallcase is a portfolio of stocks & ETFs weighted in a manner to reflect an idea, strategy or market theme, and is updated periodically to ensure the constituents continue to match the underlying idea.

On the AxisDirect platform, you can find not just smallcases created by the smallcase Research Team, but also curated portfolios created & managed by the AxisDirect Research Team.

Aggressive Model Portfolio smallcase created by AxisDirect Research

The smallcases experience on AxisDirect remains the same — simple, focused & easily understandable.

This integration reinforces our commitment to enabling Indian investors to access better, low-cost & transparent investment products and increase retail participation in equity markets.

Welcome to a new way to invest with your AxisDirect trading & demat account — #smallcasesSimpleHai. Check it out here.

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smallcases, Now on AxisDirect!
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