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Tata Power Bags a 200 MW Project with SVJN

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Tata Power Ltd is making headlines yet again as its subsidiary, Tata Power Renewable Energy Limited (TPREL), clinches a significant victory by securing a Letter of Award (LOA) for the development of a 200 MW firm and dispatchable renewable energy (FDRE) project in collaboration with SJVN Ltd.

FDRE Project Details and Significance

The 200 MW FDRE project is carefully designed with a hybrid combination of solar, wind, and battery storage to meet energy requirements efficiently. Tata Power emphasises that this approach ensures dispatchable power during peak hours, contributing to grid stability.

According to Tata Power, FDRE provides round-the-clock power supply, supporting distribution companies (discoms) in meeting renewable purchase obligations (RPO) and energy storage obligations (ESO). The project is estimated to offset a substantial 9 lakh metric tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.

Green Energy Expansion and Portfolio Growth:

This win catapults TPREL’s total renewables capacity to an impressive 8,314 MW. The portfolio comprises 4,100 MW of projects in various developmental phases and an operating capacity of 4,214 MW. This includes 3,200 MW in solar projects and 1,014 MW in wind projects.

Tata Power estimates that the FDRE project will be commissioned within 24 months from the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) execution date, showcasing the company’s commitment to swift and efficient project execution.

Strategic Collaboration with SJVN

The partnership with SJVN, a PSU stock experiencing a remarkable 141% year-to-date surge, marks a significant milestone for TPREL. SJVN, designated as the Renewable Energy Implementing Agency (REIA) by MNRE (Ministry of New and Renewable Energy), aligns with Tata Power’s commitment to sustainable and renewable energy solutions.

Tata Power’s Impressive Year-to-Date Performance

Tata Power, with 37.57 lakh retail investors holding a 23.33% stake as of September 30, has witnessed a remarkable 28% surge in its shares year-to-date. This outpaces the 11.79% rise in the BSE Power index during the same period, indicating the company’s robust market performance.


Tata Power’s triumph in securing the 200 MW FDRE project not only reflects its prowess in the renewable energy sector but also underscores its dedication to providing reliable, sustainable energy solutions. With a growing portfolio and strategic collaborations, Tata Power continues to play a pivotal role in contributing to India’s ambitious renewable energy goals and reinforcing its position as a key player in the evolving energy landscape. As the company sets its sights on a greener future, investors and industry enthusiasts are eager to witness the unfolding chapters of Tata Power’s journey.

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Tata Power Bags a 200 MW Project with SVJN
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