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The Good Bad and Ugly weekly review : 10 Oct 2023

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Markets this week !

Nifty experienced some volatility, with the first half being a bit ugly. However, the last couple of sessions brought some stability. We witnessed a bounce of around 300 points from the recent peak of 20,000, marking the first significant recovery since reaching 19,300. While external challenges persist, the market seems to be indicating a correction or sideways movement, rather than a sharp drop. 

Analyzing the weekly chart, we observe a very promising weekly candle formation. It resembles a long-legged hammer, usually a sign of an intermediate bottom being achieved. If the market crosses the high of the week, it would instill confidence in the bulls, potentially leading to a retest of the previous top at the 19,200 level. This level remains a major support for the market at present.

Sectoral Overview

Towards the second half of the week, real estate stocks performed well, recording a 2% increase. IT stocks also showed resilience, with a growth of 1.8%. However, consumption stocks remained flat, while other sectors witnessed a decline. The energy sector experienced the most significant loss at 2.2%, followed by commodities, pharma, and public sector enterprises, including PSU banks.

Despite the temporary setbacks, certain sectors have shown impressive growth over the financial year. Real estate has been the top performer, with a remarkable 51% increase. PSU banks and public sector enterprise stocks have also witnessed significant gains, with 40% and 31% growth respectively. 

Analyzing the sectoral momentum over the past 10 to 20 days, we observe that real estate has consistently retained the top ranking. Pharma is rapidly catching up, although it experienced a slight setback this week. Infra stocks are also performing well, along with the media sector, primarily driven by ZEE holding significant weightage in the index. Public sector enterprises and PSU banks have also shown resilience.

Benchmark Indices Overview

The small-cap 250 index witnessed a 0.7% rise this week, while other indices mostly remained stagnant. Small-cap stocks continue to outperform the broader market, with a 40% increase over FY 24. Mid and small-cap indices have also seen significant growth, up by 35% (FY 24). In contrast, the major indices, such as Nifty and others, have experienced high single-digit growth, ranging from 13% to 18%.

WeekendInvesting Overview

The strategies are in line with the broader indices, experiencing losses ranging from 1% to 2%. Beta plays a significant role in these strategies, especially when coming off the top. However, Mi ATH 2 has managed to survive with positive returns, whereas Mi ST ATH suffered a loss. Strategies with a small and mid-cap focus, such as Mi 20, Mi 50, and Mi 35, have performed reasonably well, with gains ranging from 2% to 66%. Diversified strategies like Mi MT Allcap, Mi 30, and Mi India Top 10 have also demonstrated positive performance. Mi NNF 10, relative to Nifty Next 50, achieved a growth of 29%.

Spotlight – 2x bagger on REC Ltd in Mi EverGreen

One stock that has been in the spotlight is the Rural Electrification Corporation Ltd. (REC). After entering Mi EverGreen back in Apr 2023, REC has witnessed a massive rally, with a two-fold increase in its value. Currently, it is holding a 115% gain. REC is included in the Evergreen strategy, which is noteworthy for its monthly profit redistribution feature. This strategy allocates 25% to gold and the remaining 75% across 20 stocks. As stocks perform, the gained profits are continuously redistributed to maintain the original weightage. This profit distribution mechanism helps minimize losses when a stock starts to decline.

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The Good Bad and Ugly weekly review : 10 Oct 2023
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