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Transaction charges for smallcases on Upstox have been revised

Transaction charges for smallcases on Upstox have been revised
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smallcase started with the vision of simplifying investing for retail investors. Trusted by over 65L Indians today, smallcase has become the go-to place for investors, seasoned or new alike. Every day, thousands of people come to the platform to find their next simple yet interesting investment idea. 

To continue serving a top-notch and seamless investing experience, there are a few updates on how smallcases will be charged on Upstox.

Starting 21st November, here’s how pricing would look for smallcases – 

  • A transaction fee of ₹100 (capped at 1.5% of the investment amount) will be applied when you invest a lump sum amount to your new or existing smallcase investment
    • In all cases, the transaction fee will be capped at ₹100, irrespective of the investment amount. In no case will you pay more than ₹100
    • A 1.5% cap will be applied to reduce charges for lower investment amounts. Again, in no case will you pay more than 1.5% of your investment amount.
    • For example, if you are putting in ₹1,00,000 in a new or an existing smallcase, you will pay only ₹100 (as 1.5% of ₹1,00,000 is ₹1,500 which is greater than ₹100
    • But say if you are investing ₹1,000 instead, you will pay ₹15 (as 1.5% of ₹1,000 is ₹15 which is lower than ₹100). Similarly, if you are investing ₹5,000, you will pay ₹75 (as 1.5% of ₹5,000 is ₹75 which is again lower than ₹100).
  • Further, to incentivize disciplined investing among investors, the transaction fee for investments via a SIP will be of ₹10 only
    • Keeping the same example in mind, if you are investing ₹1,000 in a smallcase via the SIP route, you will only pay ₹10
    • Also, the 1.5% cap will be applicable for SIP as well. So if you invest ₹500, you will pay only ₹7.5 (as 1.5% of ₹500 is ₹7.5 which is lower than ₹10)
  • There will be a ₹0 transaction fee while rebalancing, managing or withdrawing your smallcase investments. This implies that unless you invest money in your smallcases, there won’t be any transaction fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When do you pay transaction charges?

You pay transactional charges for smallcases only when you want to invest money, lumpsum or SIP, into the smallcase of your choice. Rebalancing, managing, and partial/complete withdrawals from smallcases can still be performed at ZERO additional charges. 

2. What has changed for me in pricing?

Earlier, you paid a flat fee of ₹100 (capped at 2.5% of the investment) for every new smallcase you invested in. 

Now, a charge of ₹100 will be levied on all lumpsum transactions, but the cap on cost has been reduced to 1.5% of the investment amount. 

SIPs are a great way to follow the path of disciplined investing. Hence, unlike lumpsum investments, these will be charged at a mere ₹10 (capped at 1.5% of the investment amount).

3. Does this mean pricing has increased or decreased?

This change in pricing has reduced the cost to start investing in smallcases for over 70% of investors!

For example, if you were previously investing ₹5,000 in a smallcase for the first time, you’d have to pay a flat fee of ₹100. This same transaction will now require a fee of ONLY ₹75 because of the reduced cap of 1.5% from the earlier 2.5%.

The lower cap makes it easier to start investing in smallcases for most retail investors like you while we only charge more when you like the product and want to invest more.

For existing investors, while there are charges added on for lumpsum investments, the fee is kept flat so that it doesn’t hurt compounding your wealth. Moreover, we’ve kept in mind financial discipline while building the structure for these charges, and hence, SIP investments are charged at a minimal fee of ₹10 only. This incentivises our users to build wealth in a disciplined manner.

Here’s are some more of our frequently asked questions. Alternatively, you can reach out to us at help@smallcase.com. We’d be happy to chat!

With smallcases, the goal is to simplify how India invests. Thank you for being a part of this journey with us. We hope to continue building the future of Indian investing with you!

*GST applicable on all charges as usual.

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Transaction charges for smallcases on Upstox have been revised
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