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Register & Resolve EPF Grievance: Login, Status Check, and Grievance Management

Register & Resolve EPF Grievance: Login, Status Check, and Grievance Management
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The Employee Provident Fund (EPF) is a vital retirement savings scheme that offers financial security to employees after their working years. The EPF is managed by the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO), which ensures that employees’ contributions are invested wisely to generate competitive returns. While the EPF system is designed to function efficiently, occasional grievances may arise due to administrative errors or other factors. This is called the EPF Grievance Resolving these grievances promptly is essential to maintaining the trust and satisfaction of employees.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the significance of addressing EPF grievances effectively and understanding the common types of grievances that employees may encounter. We will also provide step-by-step instructions on how to lodge an PF grievance, and the necessary actions to resolve them satisfactorily. Additionally, we will discuss essential tips for preventing EPF grievances and explain the importance of the grievance redressal process in safeguarding the interests of employees.

What is EPFiGMS?

EPFiGMS is the official portal for Employee Provident Fund grievances. It empowers registered EPF members, including PF wages members, employers, and EPF share pensioners. Users can conveniently file their complaints, grievances, and inquiries online through this platform.

Understanding EPF Grievance

Employee Provident Fund grievances refer to any complaints or issues raised by employees regarding their EPF fund accounts. These grievances may range from discrepancies in the new PF balance to PF withdrawal to delayed provident fund transfers and incorrect account details. Resolving EPF grievances promptly is crucial to prevent any financial discrepancies and ensure that employees receive their rightful benefits without any undue delays.

The PF EPFO plays a critical role in overseeing the EPF grievance resolution process, and employees are encouraged to make use of this system to seek timely redressal of their concerns. The EPF grievance management system is designed to provide a transparent and accountable mechanism to address employee grievances efficiently.

Types of EPF Grievances

Here are the different types of EPF grievances:

Delayed Provident Fund Transfer

One of the most common PF grievances is the delayed transfer of provident funds from the previous employer to the current one. Employees who change jobs often face this issue, and it can lead to anxiety and financial stress. The delay may occur due to administrative lapses or incomplete documentation, resulting in a hold-up in the transfer process.

To address this grievance, employees can take proactive steps such as notifying their previous employer about the transfer, providing all necessary documents promptly, and following up with the EPFO for the EPFiGMS complaint status of the transfer.

Incorrect Account Details

Discrepancies in EPF account for details, such as incorrect names, contact information, or bank account details, can lead to confusion and difficulties in accessing account information. Such errors may occur during the initial setup or due to a lack of regular updates.

To resolve this grievance, employees should verify and update their account details regularly. They can also approach the EPFO with the necessary documents to rectify any incorrect information.

Discrepancies in PF Balance

Discrepancies in the PF balance are a cause for concern as they can impact the retirement savings of employees. These discrepancies may arise due to errors in PF contributions, interest calculations, or incorrect adjustments.

To address this grievance, employees must carefully review their PF statements regularly and cross-check them with their payslips. Any discrepancies should be brought to the notice of the EPFO for timely resolution.

Non-Receipt of Interest

The EPF offers interest in the contributions made by employees and for employers. In some instances, employees may not receive the credited interest rate on EPF, leading to questions about the interest calculation process.

To resolve this grievance, employees can check their PF statements to verify the EPF rate of interest credited. If any discrepancies are found, they should promptly notify the EPFO provident fund is a investigation and rectification of the issue.

EPF Grievance Registration: How to Lodge an EPF Grievance (EPFiGMS)?

You can lodge a PF grievance in the following ways: 

A. Online Method

The EPFO services provides an online EPFO grievance portal for employees to lodge their grievances conveniently. To utilize this method, follow these steps:

1. Visit the EPFO portal: Go to the official EPFO website (https://www.epfindia.gov.in/) and click on the “For Employees” tab.

2. Select “EPF Grievances”: Under the “Services” section, click on “EPF Grievances” to access the grievance portal.

3. Login to the Member Interface: If you are already registered on the EPFO portal, log in using your Universal Account Number (UAN) and password. If not, first, register EPF Deposit yourself as a member.

4. Navigate to the “Grievance” section: Once logged in, click on the “Grievance” tab to access the online grievance form.

5. Fill in the grievance details: Provide all the required information related to your grievance, including the type of grievance, details of the employer, establishment, and nature of the complaint.

6. Upload supporting documents (if any): You can also upload relevant documents to support your grievance.

7. Submit the grievance: After filling in all the details, review the information, and click on the “Submit” button to lodge the grievance.

8. Receive the grievance registration number: Once the grievance is successfully registered, you will receive a unique grievance registration number for future reference.

9. Track the status: You can track the e grievance status of your grievance online using the registration number provided.

Note: It’s essential to provide accurate and complete information while lodging the grievance to ensure a smooth resolution process.

B. Offline Method

Employees can also opt for the offline method to lodge their EPFO grievances. Here are the steps to lodge an EPF grievance offline:

1. Visit the Regional EPF Office: Approach the nearest Regional EPF ActOffice in person.

2. Submit a Written Complaint: Prepare a written complaint with essential details like UAN employee number, contact information, and a clear description of the grievance.

3. Provide Supporting Documents: Attach all relevant documents and evidence related to the grievance.

4. Follow Up: Regularly follow up with the EPF office for updates on the grievance resolution.

After lodging the grievance, employees should receive an acknowledgement from the EPFO, confirming the registration of their EPFO complaint. The grievance will be assigned a unique registration number, which employees can use for future reference and tracking updates.

Moreover, regardless of the method chosen, employees are encouraged to provide all supporting documents and evidence related to the grievance. This helps the EPFO account thoroughly assess the situation and expedite the resolution process.

Complaints that can be Registered as EPF Grievance Register on EPFiGMS

Here’s the list of issues for which EPF subscribers can file EPFiGMS grievance lodged about:

  1. Transferring PF accumulation to a new EPF deduction from salary account.
  2. Settling pension payments.
  3. Withdrawing or settling the EPF eligibility.
  4. Inquiring about EPFO the PF balance.
  5. Requesting an Employees’ Pension Scheme (EPS) Certificate.
  6. Addressing concerns related to returned or misplaced cheques.
  7. Seeking payment of insurance EPF benefits.
  8. Obtaining a PF balance/slip.
  9. Resolving any other concerns or queries.

How Much Time Does EPFO Takes to Resolve Grievance?

The EPFO strives to resolve grievances and provide employee centric services efficiently and within a reasonable timeframe. The grievance resolution process typically involves an investigation into the matter to understand the underlying issue and determine the appropriate course of action. During this period, employees are encouraged to be patient and allow sufficient time for the EPFO information to review and address their concerns.

In many cases, the EPFO successfully resolves grievances at this stage, and employees receive a satisfactory resolution. However, if the grievance remains unresolved or if the response from the EPFO is unsatisfactory, employees have the option to escalate the matter further.

How to Send a Reminder about a Complaint?

If your complaint remains unresolved, take action by sending a reminder through the EPF i-Grievance Management System:

  1. Visit the official EPF i-Grievance Management System website (https://epfigms.gov.in).
  2. Click ‘Send Reminder’.
  3. Enter the registration number obtained during complaint registration.
  4. Provide your grievance password or mobile number/email ID.
  5. Add the reminder description and security code.
  6. Click ‘Submit’ to send a reminder to the relevant department for prompt attention.

Steps to Resolve EPF Grievances

Here are the steps to resolve EPF Grievance Complaint:

Contacting EPF Office

The first step to resolving EPF grievances is to get in touch with the EPF office. Employees can either visit the nearest Regional EPF Office in person or contact them through phone or email. The EPF office has dedicated personnel to assist with grievance redressal and provide guidance on the necessary steps to be taken.

Registering Complaint on EPF Grievance Portal

For a more convenient and faster resolution, employees can utilize the PF grievance portal to register their complaints. They need to log in to the EPF member portal using their Universal Account Number (UAN) and password. Once logged in, they can navigate to the ‘Grievance’ section and select ‘Register Grievance’ to begin the process.

The employee will be prompted to provide relevant details such as their UAN grievance status, contact PF information, and a clear description of the grievance. It’s essential to provide accurate and comprehensive information to facilitate a thorough assessment by the EPFO. Employees can also upload supporting documents related to the grievance.

After submitting the PF complaint, the grievance portal EPFO generates a unique registration number, which serves as a reference for the grievance. The EPFO acknowledges the complaint and initiates an investigation to resolve the issue.

Following Up on Grievances: EPF Grievance Status Check

Once the UAN grievance portal is registered, employees can track its progress and receive updates through the EPFO complaint portal. The portal provides a dedicated section to check the PF grievance status using the EPF grievance registration number provided during the complaint registration.

During the resolution process, the EPFO may require additional information or documentation from the employee. Promptly providing the requested details can expedite the resolution process.

It’s crucial for employees to maintain patience during this stage, as the resolution of certain grievances may take some time, depending on the complexity of the issue. However, the EPFO is committed to addressing grievances efficiently and ensuring a satisfactory resolution for the employee contribution.

Escalating EPF Grievances (EPFiGMS)

Here is how you can escalate EPF Grievances:

Regional EPF Office

If employees are dissatisfied with the initial resolution or if their grievance requires further attention, they can escalate the matter to the Regional EPF Office. Escalation involves formally submitting a written complaint to the Regional Office, outlining the details of the unresolved grievance and referencing the initial complaint registration number after figuring out how to get grievance registration number.

Upon receiving the escalated complaint, the Regional EPF Office conducts a thorough review of the grievance, ensuring a fair and impartial assessment of the matter. They may request additional information or documentation to aid in their investigation. The EPFO’s Regional Office has designated officers responsible for handling escalated grievances, ensuring specialized attention to each case.

EPF Appellate Authority

In certain instances where the resolution at the Regional EPF Office is still unsatisfactory, employees can further escalate the matter to the deduction of PF Appellate Authority. The Appellate Authority serves as an independent body, separate from the EPFO’s Regional Office, to impartially review grievances and make final decisions.

To appeal to the Appellate Authority, employees need to submit a formal appeal letter. This should include all relevant details, including the complaint registration numbers and correspondence with the Regional Employees Provident Fund scheme Office. The Appellate Authority conducts an extensive review of the grievance and provides a conclusive decision, which is communicated to the employee.

It is essential for employees to adhere to the timelines provided by the Appellate Authority during the appeal process. Their decisions are final, and the EPFO is obligated to comply with the resolutions made by the Appellate Authority.

How to Check the Status of Your Complaint?

Checking your complaint status is easy. Just follow these following steps:

  1. Go to the official EPF i-Grievance Management System website (https://epfigms.gov.in).
  2. Click ‘View Status’.
  3. Enter your registration number.
  4. Provide your grievance password, mobile number, or email ID.
  5. Type in the displayed security code.
  6. Click ‘Submit’.
  7. View your complaint status on the screen.

Tips for Preventing EPF Grievances

While the EPFO strives to address grievances efficiently, prevention is always better than cure. Employees can take proactive steps to minimize the likelihood of encountering EPF grievances and ensure a seamless experience with their EPF contribution rate accounts. Some essential tips to prevent EPF grievances include:

  • Maintain Accurate Account Information: Employees should diligently maintain accurate personal information. Like name, date of birth, and contact details, in their EPF amount accounts. Regularly updating any changes in personal information, bank account details or contact numbers with the EPFO ensures that employees receive timely communications and avoid discrepancies.
  • Timely Provident Fund Transfer: When changing jobs, employees must initiate the process of transferring their PF balance. That is, from the previous employer contribution to the current employer at the earliest opportunity. Delaying the PF transfer can lead to unnecessary grievances, especially if the previous employer fails to process the transfer promptly.
  • Regularly Monitor Contribution to Provident Fund: Vigilantly review PF statements and contributions to ensure that employees can promptly identify any discrepancies. If employees notice any irregularities, they should immediately report the issue to the EPFO and take appropriate action to rectify the matter.

By adopting these preventive measures, employees can significantly reduce the likelihood of encountering EPF employer grievances. They can consequently experience a hassle-free EPF journey.

Importance of PF Grievance Redressal

The grievance redressal process is a crucial aspect of the EPF scheme, and its significance lies in safeguarding the interests of employees and ensuring the smooth functioning of their EPF Service accounts. Resolving grievances promptly fosters trust and confidence among employees, enhancing their overall experience with the EPF scheme.

Safeguarding Employee Interests

The grievance redressal process plays a pivotal role in protecting employees’ rights and interests. The interests that are related to their EPF contributions and EPF interest rates. Timely resolution of grievances ensures that employees receive accurate PF contributions, timely transfers, and other benefits of EPF, as entitled under the EPF scheme.

Ensuring Timely Resolution

Prompt resolution of PF grievances is vital in preventing financial losses and unnecessary stress for employees. It ensures that employees receive their rightful PF benefits. Additionally, without any undue delays, providing them with financial security during their retirement years.

The EPFO’s commitment to addressing grievances reinforces and its dedication to serving employees. Additionally, securing their financial future through the EPF India scheme. A robust grievance redressal mechanism signifies the organization’s responsiveness to employees’ concerns and the importance it places on their welfare.

To Wrap It Up…

The PF grievance redressal system (EPFiGMS) is critical for employees’ financial security. Understanding the steps to resolve EPF grievances empowers employees to navigate the system effectively. 

Proactive measures and accurate account information can prevent grievances, fostering a seamless experience with the Employees Provident Fund scheme. The EPFO’s commitment to addressing grievances demonstrates its dedication to serving employees and securing their financial future. 

As responsible participants, employees can contribute to the success of the grievance redressal process by engaging with the EPFO and ensuring a satisfactory EPF journey.


1. How do I complain about EPF grievance?

To address EPF grievances, visit the official EPF website. Then, log in with credentials, access the “Grievances” section, and click on “Register Grievance.” Fill in the required details and submit the complaint online.

2. How can I register grievance EPFO a complaint in EPF?

Registering an EPF employee provident fund complaint can be done online through the EPF website. You can also do it offline by visiting the Regional EPF Office or sending a written complaint by post.

3.How to Find EPF Grievance Registration Number?

Upon successfully registering the Employees provident fund act grievance online, an acknowledgement will be provided containing the unique registration number for future reference and tracking.

4. How can I check my PF balance online?

You can check your PF balance online via the EPFO portal, the UMANG app, or by placing a missed call to 011-22901406 from your verified mobile phone.

5. How can I monitor my grievances?

EPFO operations prioritize grievance solutions with strict timelines and regular monitoring.

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