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Introducing Windmill Capital Subscription

Introducing Windmill Capital Subscription
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Since 2016, Windmill Capital has been curating portfolios on the smallcase platform, offering over 50 unique smallcases spanning various styles such as thematic, asset allocation, model-based, and smart beta. Our team is proud to have crafted some of the platform’s most sought-after smallcases, including All Weather Investing and Dividend Aristocrats. You can find more about us here.

About Windmill Capital Subscription

We’re thrilled to introduce subscription plans for select Windmill Capital smallcases! Subscriptions offer access to fee-based smallcases meticulously crafted by our experienced SEBI-registered analysts. These fee-based smallcases provide an all-access pass to meticulously researched portfolios, offering insights, and expertise that require years of market experience to build.

While most of our smallcases remain free, fee-based options offer deeper expertise and analysis. Check out all of Windmill Capital’s offerings here.

Benefits of Fee-based smallcases

A fee-based smallcase is your all-access pass, allowing you to:

  • View its constituents and get started with investing
  • Receive and apply periodic rebalance updates with a tap
  • Track the portfolio’s performance
  • Start a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) and more

You can find fee-based smallcases on the Discover tab on www.smallcase.com. You can search by name, manager, and investment strategy, or utilize filters based on subscription type, investment strategies, and more.

We’re really excited about bringing you newer fee-based smallcases in the future as part of our research. Our core focus will always be to fulfill your diverse investing needs through simple, intelligent & data-backed offerings.

Got questions? Reach out to us at support@windmill.capital with any queries or feedback.

Take care and happy investing! ✌️

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Introducing Windmill Capital Subscription
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