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Real Investor Stories: Loans Against Mutual Funds

Real Investor Stories: Loans Against Mutual Funds
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#1. No documents, paperwork

Loan amount and purpose – ₹6 lakh to invest towards a second source of income

No questions asked policy

I found out about loan against mutual funds (LAMF) on smallcase by chance, and my experience turned out to be surprisingly positive. The application process was fast, safe and secure. What stood out for me was the simplicity of the process; unlike other loan options, there were no intrusive questions about income, documents, or the purpose of the loan.
smallcase was a breath of fresh air after exploring other complicated loan avenues. 
The fact that it is a secured loan has also instilled discipline in paying it off, as my investments are pledged. I’m happy LAMF has provided me with the cash I needed to explore a second source of income through investments
Vinita Sharma,
Software Engineer, Bengaluru

#2. Repayment flexibility

Loan amount and purpose – ₹1 lakh for business and personal expense

Repayments as small as ₹500

As a business owner, having access to working capital is crucial, and loan against mutual funds (LAMF) has served as a reliable resource for such needs. One of the best parts about choosing LAMF is the flexibility it provides in repayment. With a comfortable three-year window, I have the freedom to settle the loan at any time. This aligns perfectly with my financial strategy, allowing me to utilise my mutual fund returns to repay the loan as and when I see fit.
Also, the freedom from fixed monthly obligations is a blessing! Unlike other loans, I don’t face the burden of a fixed amount every month. I can make repayments as small as 500 rupees, giving me full control over my finances.
Mandeep Singh,
Business Owner, Noida

#3. Dedicated, responsive customer support

Loan amount and purpose – ₹60K for bill payments

Support every step of the way

I have been a long-time smallcase user and recently discovered loan against mutual funds (LAMF) on the app. The process of taking a LAMF was seamless. 

Unlike other companies, the chat support team was exceptionally helpful and responsive, promptly addressing all my queries and concerns. The availability of chat support made the entire process smoother and more reassuring. I chose LAMF because of the lower interest rate compared to other loans. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give LAMF a solid 10 and recommend it to anyone seeking a cost-effective and hassle-free loan option.
Taran Mukherjee,
Sr. Associate, Mumbai

#4. Zero hidden charges, 100% transparency

Loan amount and purpose – ₹25K for daily needs

No hidden charges

I availed the loan for personal reasons. Initially, I had concerns about hidden charges that most other apps have but the support team clarified that there were no such charges. The processing fee was also low which made it an attractive option.
I was positive that smallcase was a trusted app and hence I wouldn’t have any problems during the loan process. The funds were credited within hours and without extensive documentation or complications. The 100% digital process eliminated the need to interact with anyone!
This is a good option for those in need of immediate financial support.”
Banker, Bengaluru

#5. Access to quick cash

Loan amount and purpose – ₹25K to pay for expenses due to delayed salary

Brings financial independence

I didn’t know such a hassle-free loan option existed before loan against mutual funds (LAMF). In my job, there are certain months where my salary is delayed. In such situations, it had become difficult to pay my expenses so I was in search of a loan that could help take care of such emergencies.
This loan option has provided me the independence that I needed — I don’t have to depend on anyone for financial assistance. Other lenders ask so many questions, so I love that loan against mutual funds on smallcase is a paperwork-free and judgement-free process!
Varun Lohiya,
Teacher, Nagpur

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Real Investor Stories: Loans Against Mutual Funds
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