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Who manages smallcases?

Who manages smallcases?
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Any SEBI-Registered Research Analyst (RA), Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), Portfolio Manager (PMS), or Brokerage House is eligible to create and manage smallcases as per the guidelines laid down by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). 

Understanding smallcases

A smallcase is a curated portfolio of stocks/ETFs that reflects a certain idea (sectors, themes, strategies), backed by the research of our stock market experts, a.k.a Managers. smallcases help you build a low-cost, long-term, and diversified portfolio. You can invest in a smallcase in just 2 clicks. 

Note: ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) are baskets of securities that track an underlying index (Nifty, Gold, etc.) and can be bought and sold on the exchange.

About smallcase managers

smallcases are created and managed by India’s top stock market experts. They ensure that the constituents in every smallcase pass stringent proprietary filters so that you don’t have to worry about making individual choices. 

Who are these managers?

Any SEBI-Registered Research Analyst (RA), Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), Portfolio Manager (PMS), or Brokerage House is eligible to create and manage smallcases as per the guidelines laid down by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). 

The managers come from backgrounds of the highest academic and professional credibility. They are managers with degrees from India’s best business and technology institutions, having managed money for corporate giants like JP Morgan, Citi, Kotak, etc.
They use sophisticated quantitative, fundamental, technical and AI + ML tools to create their smallcases. 

If you hold a valid SEBI license and want to become a smallcase manager, you can check out https://publisher.smallcase.com/#managers.

How do smallcase managers create smallcases?

Now that we know who smallcase managers are, let’s peak into the process of how our smallcase managers create these smallcases:

  • The first thing the research team evaluates is whether an investment objective has a large enough investable universe to choose from, i.e. enough stocks to invest in.
  • Since each smallcase tracks a different theme/strategy, the exact methodology used to create every smallcase varies.
  • You can check the methodology on the smallcase profile page by clicking “Methodology”.
  • When you invest in a smallcase, you are investing in a portfolio that follows a systematic and rules-based approach using measurable data such as price, volatility, earnings, etc., ignoring any subjective opinions.
  • Data eliminates any biases, impacting all investors, including fund managers.
  • In addition, a rules-driven strategy has no room to react to short-term news and events, keeping in mind the long-term objective.

smallcase provides technology solutions and related back-end infrastructure via its ‘Publisher’ platform to all SEBI registered intermediaries and other third parties for facilitating the creation and management of smallcases.

How do smallcase managers make money?

Once their smallcases are published, the investor can subscribe to any manager by paying a ‘subscription fee’. The managers charge this fee in exchange for providing their expertise in building your portfolio.
This subscription fee can be a fixed amount that is charged either quarterly, half-yearly or annually. Paying this fee enables the investors to access the constituent stocks/ETFs of that manager’s smallcases and invest in them. This fee is decided by the managers themselves and is charged by them.

Most popular smallcase managers of 2022

Here are a *few* of our popular smallcase managers and their offerings (as of 24.08.2022):

  • Windmill Capital: The SEBI-registered research analyst (Reg no INH200007645) is a wholly owned subsidiary of smallcase Technologies Private Limited and was our first featured smallcase manager. Since then, Windmill Capital has created over 50+ thematic portfolios primarily based on asset allocation, factor-based and smart beta portfolios.

    Here are a few key offerings from Windmill Capital:

All Weather Investing smallcase by Windmill Capital

Value & Momentum smallcase by Windmill Capital

Top 100 smallcase by Windmill Capital

  • Wright Research: A SEBI-registered investment advisory (Reg no INA100015717) founded by Sonam Srivastava, the Wright Research team is focused on bringing a quantitative investing revolution to India. With decades of experience, their expertise in quant, AI and finance adds the cherry on the cake. They are driven by their purpose of democratising access to AI and quant-driven investment products for everyone.

    Here are a few key offerings from Wright Research:

Wright Momentum smallcase by Wright Research

Wright 🌱 Smallcaps smallcase by Wright Research

Balanced- Multi Factor Tactical smallcase by Wright Research

  • Green Portfolio: The SEBI-registered research analyst (Reg no INH100008513) believes in buying quality and growth companies at a reasonable price. Their core value at Green Portfolio is to create long-term, sustainable investment management solutions through discipline, passion, innovation, integrity, customer focus, teamwork, and continuous improvements.

    Here are a few key offerings from Green Portfolio:

High Quality Right Price smallcase by Green Portfolio

Smallcap Compounders smallcase by Green Portfolio

High Dividend Yield and Capital Appreciation smallcase by Green Portfolio

  • Niveshaay: This SEBI-registered Investment Advisory Firm (Reg No. INA000008552) has been practising Equity Research and Investment Advisory for the last 10 years! Value growth lies at the heart of the investment philosophy at Niveshaay. The team believes in exploiting short-term market opportunities and taking cyclical advantage of any industry trend to reap its full potential.

    Here are a few key offerings from Niveshaay:

Green Energy smallcase by Niveshaay

Trends Trilogy smallcase by Niveshaay

China Plus One Strategy – India Rising! smallcase by Niveshaay

  • Weekend Investing: This SEBI-registered research analyst (Reg No INH100008717) has become synonymous with ‘Momentum Investing’ over the years. The core philosophy at  Weekend Investing follows the paradigm of “Bhav Bhagwan Che” – Price is God.

    Here are a few key offerings from Weekend Investing:

Mi25 Smallcap smallcase by Weekend Investing

Mi50 smallcase by Weekend Investing

Mi_NNF10 Momentum smallcase by Weekend Investing

  • Capitalmind: Capitalmind has a SEBI-registered research analyst license (Reg. No. INP000005847) and provides equity, fixed income, macro and personal finance research for DIY investors.

    Here are a few key offerings from Capitalmind:

Capitalmind Momentum smallcase by Capitalmind

  • Omniscience Capital: This SEBI-registered investment advisory (Reg. no. INA000007623) uses ‘scientific investing’ to create portfolios that enhance safety and returns. Their investment philosophy has been that ‘Most market participants chase alpha but get risks, while one could chase safety and get alpha’.

    Here are a few key offerings from Omniscience Capital:

Omni Bharat Defence smallcase by Omniscience Capital

Omni Capital Enablers smallcase by Omniscience Capital

Omni Power- Electrifying India smallcase by Omniscience Capital

  • Stayvan: Dipen Shah, with more than 18 years of market experience, founded Stayvan (Reg. no. INH000006077) and has designed strategies with 100% potential to outperform the markets.

    Here are a few key offerings from Stayvan:

Taare Zameen Par smallcase by Stayvan

Multi Assets smallcase by Stayvan

Capital Compounders smallcase by Stayvan

  • Aurum Capital: The SEBI registered research analyst firm (Reg. no. INH000008118) focuses on the value+growth strategy in selecting their stocks. They go beyond the usual number crunching during their research process and does scuttlebutt investing. 

    Here are a few key offerings from Aurum Capital:

Cyclical Bets smallcase by Aurum Capital

Value Investing smallcase by Aurum Capital

  • Lotusdew Wealth: This SEBI-registered research analyst firm (Reg. no. INA200013770) uses advanced analytics to track credible people supporting small companies by governing their boards.

    Here are a few key offerings from Lotusdew Wealth:

Listed Venture Capital smallcase by Lotusdew Wealth

Nanocap Champs smallcase by Lotusdew Wealth

Here’s a little in detail about our other smallcase managers.

Now that you know it all about who’s creating and managing your portfolios getting started with your investing journey is possible in 3 easy steps:-

  • Choose a portfolio: Out of the 500+ readymade portfolios here on smallcase, you can pick a portfolio that matches your investment objective and is around an idea you strongly believe in.
  • Subscribe to the manager: Subscribe to the manager to get access to the constituents of your portfolio and any other future updates.
  • Invest and relax: Invest in your desired portfolio, and you are done! You can also set up SIP for disciplined investing or choose to get regular updates on Whatsapp.


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Who manages smallcases?