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You’ve got your base right. Time for an upgrade?

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Chances are that you’re already invested in the Dividend Stars smallcase.

Dividend Stars smallcase by Windmill Capital

  • Kudos on kickstarting your investment journey with a solid foundation!
  • The Dividend Stars smallcase gives you exposure to high dividend yield companies with additional income that is earned over and above the capital gains.

Now, that you’ve sorted out your foundation, time to level up!

Invest in quality smallcap companies that have a very promising future!

Quality Smallcap – Smart Beta smallcase by Windmill Capital

The stocks are selected as per quality score, which is based on 4 parameters of financial assessment and a 3 layer filtration process.

  • Better risk-reward ratio compared to Nifty Smallcap Index and Nifty Smallcap ETFs.
  • Companies associated with healthy profits, and business stability. Best suited for investors looking for passive long-term investing.

Read this blog to learn more about this smallcase.

Or, maybe you could choose the best of both worlds with value and momentum stocks!

Introducing the power of momentum with value.

Value & Momentum smallcase by Windmill Capital

  • A mix of value, as well as momentum stocks, can be an ideal combination when it comes to stock investments.
  • Invest in this smallcase to get exposure to undervalued stocks that are witnessing momentum in their price.

Read this blog to learn more about this smallcase.

With just 1 Windmill Capital subscription, you get access to the above two and 13 more such smallcases! So, what are you waiting for? Get your subscription today.

Happy Investing!

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You’ve got your base right. Time for an upgrade?
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