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Top SBI Mutual Fund for SIP Long Term to Invest Online in 2024

Top SBI Mutual Fund for SIP Long Term to Invest Online in 2024
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Investing in Mutual Funds through SBI Mutual Fund’s SIP plans is an excellent method for consistent and disciplined savings. Whether you contribute on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis, this approach fosters regular savings and takes advantage of the Power of Compounding. This brings us to the best SBI mutual fund for sip long term.

SIP allows for long-term investment, aiding in the creation of substantial wealth. The periodic nature of investments also mitigates the impact of market volatility. Moreover, SIP investments can be strategically aligned with various financial goals such as retirement, marriage, home/vehicle purchases, or higher education.

What is SBI Mutual Fund for SIP Long Term?

SBI Mutual Fund AMC, operated by India’s largest public sector bank, the State Bank of India, is a leading fund house. Specializing in various mutual fund investment services, including equity, hybrid, and SBI debt funds, it caters to millions of investors nationwide.

A widely embraced method for investing in SBI mutual fund schemes is through a systematic investment plan, commonly referred to as SIP. This approach empowers investors, irrespective of their savings size, to build a substantial savings corpus for the future. By consistently investing small amounts at regular intervals, SIP offers a convenient pathway to financial growth.

List of Best SBI Mutual Fund for SIP Long Term in India 2024 

Here is an educational list of SBI Mutual Funds for Long Term SIP in India for 2024:

Fund Name3Y Returns5Y Returns
SBI Blue Chip Fund13%21.68%
SBI Contra Fund10.53%18.48%
SBI Debt Hybrid Fund7.4%10.1%
SBI Equity Hybrid Fund10.3%16.9%
SBI ETF Nifty Next 50 Fund17.25%-
SBI Focused Equity Fund12.4%20.4%
SBI Infrastructure Fund8.2%14.8%
SBI Magnum Children’s Benefit Plan15.46%18.52%
SBI Magnum Multi-cap Fund15.56%24.88%
SBI Magnum Tax Gain Fund9.99%19.97%
Disclaimer: Please note that the above list is for educational purposes only, and is not recommendatory. Please do your own research or consult your financial advisor before investing.

Top 10 SBI Mutual Fund for SIP Long Term Overview

Here is a brief overview of the Best SBI Fund for SIP Long Term from the list above:

SBI Blue Chip Fund

Experience the financial journey with SBI Blue Chip Fund, an open-ended SBI equity fund aiming for long-term capital growth through strategic investments in large-cap stocks. Recognized as the top performer in its category by Crisil, this fund has consistently outperformed the market, providing a 7% return in the past year and an impressive 14% in the last three years. Suited for those with a high-risk appetite seeking long-term returns, SBI Blue Chip Fund stands out in the financial landscape. It is one of the best SBI mutual fund for lumpsum investment SIP on our list!

SBI Contra Fund

SBI Contra Fund, led by Dinesh Balachandran, is an open-ended SBI equity mutual fund designed for investors aiming for long-term capital growth. It achieves this by strategically investing in a diverse portfolio of equity schemes and related instruments. Ideal for those seeking sustained growth over an extended period, this fund offers an opportunity for investors to capitalize on the potential of a well-managed equity portfolio. It is also one of the SBI best investment plan for monthly income on our list!

SBI Debt Hybrid Fund

The SBI Debt Hybrid Fund, formerly named SBI Magnum Monthly Income Plan, seeks to offer investors consistent income through strategic investments in equity, debt, and money market instruments. With moderate risk and a 1% exit load, this fund is ideal for investors with a moderate risk appetite looking to secure regular income. It is also one of the best SBI mf for SIP Long Term on our list!

SBI Equity Hybrid Fund

SBI Mutual Fund’s Equity Hybrid Fund is designed for capital growth through a balanced mix of debt and equity securities. With a lower risk profile and a 1% exit load, it has outperformed the benchmark index over the last 3-5 years. It is also one of the best SBI SIP for long term on our list!

SBI ETF Nifty Next 50 Fund

The SBI ETF Nifty Next 50 Fund is an open-ended large-cap equity scheme designed to closely track the total return of equity securities in the underlying index. This fund primarily invests in equities and related instruments, offering investors the opportunity for long-term profitability, particularly during market upswings. Opting for a systematic investment plan enhances the potential for lucrative gains. Geared towards individuals navigating market fluctuations, this fund is an optimal choice for long-term capital appreciation. It is also one of the best SIP in SBI mutual funds on our list!

SBI Focused Equity Fund

The SBI Focused Equity Fund primarily targets startup business themes with a focus on outsourcing, export, and global opportunities. This fund option, characterized by moderate risk, imposes a 1% exit load. Start investing in the SBI Focused Equity Fund with a minimum of Rs.500. It is also one of the best SBI SIP plans for long term. 

SBI Infrastructure Fund

SBI Infrastructure Fund seeks to achieve long-term capital growth by investing in equity securities of mutual fund companies contributing to the country’s infrastructure development. The fund carries a moderate risk level and entails a 1% exit load. It is also one of the top SBI MF schemes for SIP Long Term on our list!

SBI Magnum Children’s Benefit Plan

You may explore the potential of SBI Magnum Children’s Benefit Plan—an open-ended fund that merges debt and equity investments. It is aimed at providing regular income, it strategically combines debt and equity instruments for wealth creation. Additionally, it is suited for investors seeking dynamic returns through a well-managed portfolio. It is also one of the best SBI Top Mutual Funds for SIP Long Term on our list!

SBI Magnum Multi-cap Fund

Anup Upadhyay manages the SBI Magnum Multi-cap fund, an open-ended equity scheme primarily investing in equities and related instruments. With 50-90% allocated to large-cap funds and 10-40% to mid-cap funds, this fund caters to high-risk appetite investors. Ideal for those seeking a balance between investment risk and potential high growth, it offers a strategic approach to wealth creation. It is also one of the best SBI SIP Mutual Fund for long term on our list. 

SBI Magnum Tax Gain Fund

SBI Magnum Tax Gain Fund, an open-ended scheme, seeks capital appreciation by investing in bonds, equities, convertible debentures, and cumulative convertible preferences. Additionally, investors can avail a tax rebate under section 80C of the Income Tax Act while benefiting from equity-related instruments. With a 3-year lock-in period, this scheme suits low-risk appetite investors aiming for long-term returns and tax advantages. It is also one of the best SBI SIP Fund for Long Term on our list.

How do Best SBI Mutual Fund for SIP Long Term Work?

SIP, or Systematic Investment Plan, closely resembles a bank recurring deposit. With SBI SIP, you authorize automatic debits of your chosen monthly, weekly, or daily investment amount from your registered bank account on a specific date.

This invested amount is then allocated to a selected SBI mutual fund scheme. While your individual investment remains constant, keep in mind that the scheme’s Net Asset Value (NAV) fluctuates daily, affecting the number of units acquired in each SIP installment.

For example, if you invest Rs. 1000 monthly and the initial NAV is Rs. 100, you buy 10 units. If the NAV rises to Rs. 60 for the next installment, you can only purchase 6.67 units. Conversely, if the NAV drops to Rs. 40, you could acquire 15 units. This variation in unit prices during SIP investments is termed “rupee cost averaging,” which proves advantageous in the long run. Explore the benefits of SBI SIP further in the following section.

How to Invest in SBI Mutual Fund for SIP Long Term?

Investing in SBI Mutual Fund through a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) for the long term is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to initiate your investment journey:

  • Research and Choose the Right Fund: Begin by researching SBI Mutual Fund options suitable for SIP investments with a long-term perspective. Consider factors such as historical performance, fund objectives, and risk profiles.
  • KYC Compliance: Ensure your Know Your Customer (KYC) details are up-to-date. If not, complete the KYC process through the required documents, usually including identity and address proofs.
  • Select the SIP Amount and Frequency: Determine the amount you want to invest through SIP and choose the frequency—monthly, quarterly, or as per your financial plan.
  • Online Account Creation: Visit the official SBI Mutual Fund website or use their mobile app to create an account. Provide the necessary details and follow the prompts to set up your investment account.
  • Select SIP Option: Navigate to the SIP section and choose the fund in which you wish to invest. Specify the SIP amount, frequency, and start date.
  • Payment Setup: Link your bank account for seamless transactions. SBI Mutual Fund usually offers multiple payment options, including net banking and Electronic Clearing Service (ECS).
  • Review and Confirm: Before finalizing, review your investment details. Ensure accuracy in the chosen fund, SIP amount, and other relevant information.
  • Monitor and Adjust: Periodically review your investment performance and adjust your SIP amount or portfolio if needed. Stay informed about market trends and make informed decisions based on your financial goals.

Features of Best SBI Mutual Fund for SIP Long Term

Exploring the features of the best SBI Mutual Fund for SIP long term reveals key attributes that contribute to its appeal:

  • Robust Historical Performance: Demonstrates the fund’s ability to consistently deliver returns over an extended period.
  • Low Expense Ratio: Signifies cost efficiency, maximizing returns for investors by minimizing overhead costs.
  • Diversification: Spreads investments across various assets, mitigating risks and contributing to a well-balanced portfolio.
  • Transparent and Efficient SBI Fund Management: Instills investor confidence through clear and effective management processes.
  • Alignment with Long-Term Financial Goals: The fund’s investment portfolio emphasizes stability and growth potential, catering to the needs of long-term investors.
  • Flexibility of SIPs: Systematic Investment Plans offer investors the flexibility to navigate market fluctuations while capitalizing on the power of compounding.

Collectively, these features position the SBI Mutual Fund as a strong candidate for those seeking a SIP for long-term wealth accumulation.

Who Should Invest in Best SBI Mutual Fund for SIP Long Term?

Identifying the ideal investors for the Best SBI Mutual Fund for SIP Long Term involves understanding specific financial objectives and risk preferences. Individuals with a long-term investment horizon seeking potential capital appreciation while navigating market fluctuations may find this fund suitable. It aligns with those prioritizing disciplined and gradual wealth accumulation through systematic investment plans (SIPs).

Investors looking for a diversified portfolio across various market segments, managed by experienced professionals, may also consider this SBI Mutual Fund. It caters to those comfortable with market volatility, as long-term SIPs aim to harness the power of compounding over time.

While it’s crucial for investors to conduct thorough research and possibly consult with financial advisors, this mutual fund’s characteristics may appeal to those who appreciate a strategic, long-term approach to wealth building. Understanding your financial goals and risk tolerance is key to determining if the Best SBI Mutual Fund for SIP Long Term aligns with your investment objectives.

Factors to Consider before investing in the Best SBI Mutual Funds for SIP Long Term Investments 

Consider these essential factors before committing to long-term SIP investments in the best SBI Mutual Fund details:

  • Financial Goals and Risk Tolerance: Before investing, align your financial goals with the fund’s objectives and assess your risk tolerance to ensure compatibility.
  • Historical Performance: Conduct research on the fund’s past performance, focusing on its consistency in delivering returns across various market conditions.
  • Fund Manager Expertise: Evaluate the experience and track record of the SBI mutual fund manager, recognizing their pivotal role in shaping investment outcomes.
  • Expense Ratio: Scrutinize the fund’s expense ratio to ensure cost efficiency, as lower expenses can contribute to higher overall returns.
  • Diversification: Examine the fund’s portfolio to ensure a well-balanced mix of assets, a critical factor in managing risk effectively.
  • Economic Trends and Market Indicators: Stay informed about economic trends influencing the fund’s performance and monitor relevant market indicators for valuable insights.
  • Exit Load and Liquidity: Understand the fund’s exit load implications and assess liquidity to ensure ease of managing your investment.

Risks Mitigation Strategies Employed by SBI for the Best SBI Mutual Fund for SIP Long Term

SBI takes risk management seriously, employing various techniques to mitigate the impact on investors’ portfolios and ensure consistent returns. SBI IT funds, susceptible to market risk, necessitate vigilant oversight across different schemes. 

As a core focus for SBI AMC, SBI Mutual Fund houses’ experts consistently and efficiently scrutinize potential risks through regular tactics. Global regulatory agencies emphasize proper risk management, pressuring AMCs like SBI to handle and measure it appropriately. SBIMF online, under a professional, skilled, dedicated, and proficient management team, adopts a comprehensive approach, focusing on enterprise-specific goals. 

The fund house applies risk measures with the following set of conducts:

  • Identifying potential risk areas.
  • Assessing internal risk control tactics.
  • Mindfully proposing risk mitigation techniques.
  • Regularly evaluating the performance of individual SBIMF schemes under diverse market conditions.
  • Monitoring and analyzing investment progress in relation to risk.
  • Safeguarding investors’ invested amounts and generating profits.
  • Establishing a prominent trust factor for long-term investor retention.
  • Empowering efficient fund managers with handling power over individual schemes.
  • Providing an in-house investment process to ensure quality.

Benefits of Investing in Best SBI Mutual Fund for SIP Long Term

Explore the various benefits of the best SBI Mutual Fund SIP for Long-Term Investments:

1. Disciplined Investing: Achieve financial goals with a structured approach. Invest fixed amounts regularly for potential profit.

2. Rupee Cost Averaging Advantage: Navigate market fluctuations by buying more units when prices are low. Maintain a fixed SIP investment for potential returns.

3. Flexible Investment Tenure: Tailor your investment duration to suit your needs. Adjust SIP periods for enhanced control and flexibility.

4. Investment Amount Flexibility: Begin with Rs. 500, and explore multiple SIP SBI schemes. Adjust investment amounts as needed for a hassle-free experience.

5. Long-Term Investment Benefits: Unlock the power of compounding with early investments. SBI SIP, focusing on equity, offers potential resilience against market fluctuations for sustained capital appreciation. Discover the possibilities in long-term financial growth.

How to Choose the Best SBI Mutual Fund for SIP Long Term for Investing?

If you are wondering how to redeem SBI mutual funds, the key is to choose the right ones. Selecting the optimal SBI Mutual Fund for SIP long-term investing involves a strategic evaluation of these key parameters:

  • Define Your Investment Goals: Clearly articulate your financial aspirations and objectives before delving into SBI Mutual Fund options.
  • Align with Long-Term Vision: Ensure your chosen fund aligns with a long-term investment strategy, complementing the inherent nature of systematic investment plans.
  • Explore Diverse SBI Mutual Fund Options: Investigate a range of SBI Mutual Funds, considering performance history, managerial expertise, and overall SBI mutual fund investment philosophy.
  • Mindful Evaluation of Costs: Assess the fund’s cost structure, keeping an eye on expense ratios and associated fees to optimize SBI mutual funds returns over time.
  • Seek Consistency Across Market Conditions: Evaluate the fund’s track record for consistency in generating returns, considering various market scenarios.
  • Gain Insights into Assets and Sectors: Understand the underlying assets and sectors the fund invests in, ensuring they align seamlessly with your overall investment approach.
  • Ensure Balanced Portfolio Composition: Verify that the fund’s portfolio composition offers a balanced approach that matches your risk preferences.

What are the Returns on Best SBI Mutual Fund for SIP Long Term & How are they Calculated?

Calculating returns on the SBI Best Mutual Fund for Long Term involves a meticulous analysis of historical performance. SBI Mutual Fund’s returns are determined by tracking the fund’s Net Asset Value (NAV) changes over time. The NAV, representing the fund’s per-unit market value, is influenced by the underlying securities’ performance.

To calculate SIP returns, one must consider the cumulative effect of periodic investments, factoring in market fluctuations. The Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) emerges as a key metric, providing a smoothed annualized return rate. Investors should leverage financial tools and online platforms. These are often provided by SBI Mutual Fund size, to access real-time NAVs and performance metrics. Regular monitoring ensures an informed understanding of how the fund has fared in diverse market conditions.

You can use the smallcase SBI SIP Calculator to calculate your returns, as well!

Taxability on Best SBI Mutual Fund for SIP Long Term

In the realm of long-term SIP investments in SBI Mutual Funds, it’s crucial to understand the associated tax implications. Gaining clarity on the taxability aspects ensures a well-informed investment strategy.

SIPs (Systematic Investment Plans) in Best SBI Mutual Fund for Long Term, when held for the long term, may be subject to capital gains tax. The taxation structure depends on the holding period. Investments held for more than one year qualify for long-term capital gains (LTCG) taxation.

As of the latest regulations, LTCG on equity-oriented funds, including certain SBI Mutual Funds, is taxed at a flat rate. However, it’s essential to stay abreast of any changes in tax laws, as they can influence the overall tax liability on your SIP returns.

To Wrap It Up…

Remaining proactive in monitoring market trends and fund performance is crucial for sustained success. The search for the best SBI mutual fund best SIP Plan is a nuanced process, demanding attention to individual risk tolerance and investment horizon. This informed approach empowers investors to build resilient portfolios tailored to their specific needs.

In this dynamic financial landscape, knowledge is a powerful tool. Armed with information about SBI Mutual Funds and their suitability for long-term SIPs, investors can navigate the complexities of the market with confidence and clarity, fostering a strategic and informed investment journey.


1. How to stop SIP in SBI mutual fund?

You can find the best SIP plan for 5 years in SBI or SBI Best SIP Plan for 15 years or SBI Best SIP plan for 10 years even if you’re looking for long term investments.

2. Where do Best SBI Mutual Fund for SIP Invest?

The best SBI Mutual Funds for SIP invest in a diversified portfolio, including equities, debt instruments, and other market instruments.

3. Is SBI Mutual Fund Good for SIP Long Term?

The returns on the best SBI Mutual Fund for SIP Long Term can range very high like over 12% 1 year returns, in the case of SBI ETF Nifty Next 50 Fund.

4. When Should I invest in Best SBI Mutual Fund for SIP Long Term?

You can invest in the best SBI Mutual Fund for SIP in the long term when your financial goals align with a disciplined, gradual investment approach.

5. What is the lock in period for Best SBI Mutual Fund for SIP Long Term?

The lock-in period for SBI Mutual Funds in a SIP for the long term varies based on the specific fund chosen.

6. Which SBI Mutual Fund is best for SIP long term?

Here is an educational list of the best SBI Mutual Fund for SIP long term:
1. SBI Blue Chip Fund
2. SBI Contra Fund
3. SBI Debt Hybrid Fund