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Top Upper Circuit Stocks: List of Best Upper Circuit Shares to Buy and Sell in 2024

Top Upper Circuit Stocks: List of Best Upper Circuit Shares to Buy and Sell in 2024
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Have you heard about the buzz surrounding today upper circuit stocks NSE in the stock market? 

These high-flying stocks have taken the market by storm, capturing the attention of investors everywhere with their potential for significant gains and exciting trading opportunities. 

But before you jump in, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of these upper circuit shares. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take a deep dive into the world of upper circuit stocks, exploring what they are, how they work, how to buy shares in upper circuit, and the strategies you can use to make the most of them.

What is an Upper Circuit?

During a trading session, an upper circuit represents the maximum allowable increase in the price of a stock or index. When a stock reaches its upper circuit limit, trading for that stock is suspended either temporarily or for the remainder of the day. This situation typically arises when there is a significant increase in demand or positive news regarding a company or the market. An upper circuit also signals that there are only buyers and no sellers in the market. This occurrence can contribute to a positive sentiment among investors and traders, potentially impacting the market positively.

What are Upper Circuit Stocks NSE?

Upper circuit stocks are stocks that have hit their upper circuit limit. This means their price has risen to the maximum percentage allowed by the stock exchange for that particular trading day.

List of Top Upper Circuit Stocks NSE

Check out the upper circuit stock list below:

Company NameLTPChange %
Hindustan Motors Ltd20.9514.48
Dhani Services Ltd46.4511.66
Akash Infra-Projects Ltd40.2511.5
Excel Realty N Infra Ltd0.5510
Indo Tech Transformers Ltd1432.210
Rajdarshan Industries Ltd50.0510
Thomas Cook (India) Ltd192.059.99
Manaksia Coated Metals & Industries Ltd37.19.93
Marksans Pharma Ltd170.559.43
Selan Exploration Technology Ltd650.059.03
Disclaimer: Please note that the above list is for educational purposes only, and is not recommendatory. Please do your own research or consult your financial advisor before investing.

Note: The data on the top upper circuit stocks in India in the list is from 15th April, 2024.  However, for real-time updates on upper circuit stock prices and market trends, visit the smallcase stocks collection today!

Best Upper Circuit Stocks in India 2024

Investing in the best upper circuit stocks in India 2024 opens the door to potential investment opportunities. Therefore, some of the best upper circuit NSE stocks have been mentioned below. You might find this list interesting if you have ever asked yourself, ‘can we buy upper circuit shares?’  

Hindustan Motors Ltd

Hindustan Motors Limited, headquartered in Kolkata, is a prominent Indian automobile manufacturer. Originally founded at Okha port in Gujarat, the company shifted its operations to Uttarpara in West Bengal in 1948. There, it commenced production of the iconic Ambassador car. Hindustan Motors specializes in manufacturing passenger cars, trucks, and multi-utility vehicles. Notably, it produced the Ambassador in various diesel, petrol, and CNG variants, alongside the Winner, a 1-tonne payload mini-truck, available in diesel and CNG options.

Dhani Services Ltd

Dhani, headquartered in New Delhi, is a tech-savvy financial firm providing stock broking and consumer business services. Founded in 1995 as GPF Securities Private Limited, it underwent several name changes, finally becoming Indiabulls Securities. Dhani caters to various sectors including e-commerce, healthcare, digital payments, and offers demat accounts, stock trading, and credit facilities.

Akash Infra-Projects Ltd

Akash Infra-Projects Limited, an Indian company, specializes in civil construction. It offers services such as road construction, hotel development, petroleum infrastructure, and real estate projects. The company secures government contracts for road and bridge construction, resurfacing, widening, and repair in Gujarat through competitive tender bidding. Additionally, it engages in constructing commercial complexes, hotels, and hospitals.

Excel Realty N Infra Ltd

Excel Realty N Infra Limited, an India-based company, focuses on information technology (IT) enabled business process outsourcing (BPO) services, infrastructure development, and general trading. It operates through three segments: Infrastructure, BPO/IT enabled services, and general trading. The BPO/IT segment provides customer care services and manages client relations by assisting them in workflow management and record updating.

Indo Tech Transformers Ltd

Indo Tech Transformers Limited, an Indian company, manufactures a variety of transformers for power distribution and special applications, including mobile substations. Their products cater to diverse industries like transmission, generation, and renewable energy. They offer power transformers ranging from 5MVA/33KV to 31.5MVA/132KV, encompassing two winding, three winding, and auto transformer configurations.

Rajdarshan Industries Ltd

Rajdarshan Industries Limited, an Indian company, trades quartz and minerals. It conducts drilling operations and engages in mining, manufacturing, and trading various minerals. The company specializes in limestone extraction, overburden removal, and transportation for cement plants. Additionally, it offers project management and marketing consultancy services, along with supplying machinery for marble and mining operations.

Thomas Cook (India) Ltd

Thomas Cook (India) Limited operates as an omnichannel travel company based in India. It offers a range of travel services, acting as a travel agent and tour operator. Additionally, the company is authorized to conduct foreign exchange transactions. Its business segments comprise Financial Services, Travel and related services, Leisure Hospitality & Resorts, and Digiphoto imaging services. The Financial Services segment focuses on wholesale and retail foreign currency exchange and document transactions.

Manaksia Coated Metals & Industries Ltd

Manaksia Steels Limited, an Indian engineering firm, specialises in metal products and formation. Operating within the Metals segment, it produces various flat steel products, catering particularly to the housing and infrastructure sectors. Among its key offerings are cold rolled steel sheets and coils, hot dipped galvanized steel sheets and coils, and color coated steel sheets and coils. These products find applications in automobiles, home electronic appliances, and pre-painted steel products.

Marksans Pharma Ltd

Marksans Pharma Limited specialises in both over-the-counter and prescription drugs across various medical fields including oncology, gastroenterology, antidiabetic, antibiotics, cardiovascular, pain management, and gynaecology. As of January 11, 2024, the company boasts a market capitalisation exceeding ₹7,300 crore. Over the past three years, Marksans Pharma’s share price has surged by more than 160%.

Selan Exploration Technology Ltd

Selan Exploration Technology Limited, an Indian company, explores and produces oil and gas. It owns three fields in Gujarat: Bakrol, Lohar, and Karjisan. Bakrol, situated in the Cambay Basin, 16 km southeast of Ahmedabad, spans 36 sq. km and contains productive reservoir zones—K-VIII and K-IX—from the Middle Eocene age.

How to Identify Upper Circuit Stocks?

The upper circuit limit for a stock is determined by the stock exchange and varies based on the stock’s price and volatility. The circuit limit is a percentage change from the stock’s previous closing price. The percentage change varies from stock to stock and can range from 2% to 20%. For example, if the circuit limit for a stock with upper circuit is set at 10%, it means that the stock can only rise a maximum of 10% from its previous day’s closing price. Let us now learn how to buy upper circuit shares and how they work!

What Happens When a Stock Hits Upper CIrcuit?

An upper circuit represents the highest percentage rise in a stock’s price during one trading session. When a stock reaches its upper circuit, trading for that stock halts temporarily. This measure aims to curb investors from consistently purchasing the stock at exaggerated prices, thus mitigating the risk of market bubbles.

How Does Trading in the Upper Circuit Stocks Work?

Trading in share with the upper circuit in NSE works differently from other stocks. The exchange sets the limit and varies from stock to stock. Once a stock with upper circuit hits its upper circuit limit, trading in that stock is suspended for a certain period. Typically between 15-45 minutes. 

This is done to prevent excessive speculation and price manipulation. Furthermore, it allows the market to cool down and for traders and investors to analyze the situation before resuming trading. During the suspension, only buyers stocks’ orders can be placed. However, the sellers cannot place orders to sell until trading resumes. 

Once trading resumes, the stock may continue to trade at its today’s upper circuit stocks price or may fall below that price.

How to Buy Upper Circuit Shares?

At this point, you may be asking yourself, ‘can we buy share with upper circuit?’. Well, look no further! Investing in continuous upper circuit stocks today offers an interesting opportunity, but it’s essential to explore different avenues wisely. First and foremost, stock with upper circuit markets are the primary platform. This is where stocks are traded, so you can invest through a brokerage account. Therefore, keep an eye on news and trading platforms to stay updated on upper circuit stocks. Another way is through mutual funds or exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that focus on specific market segments or themes, including those related to these penny stock upper circuit. 

Who Should Invest in Upper Circuit Stocks?

Investing in upper circuit stocks attracts traders and investors seeking potential opportunities in stocks with limited trading availability. Traders interested in short-term gains and volatility may find upper circuit stocks intriguing due to their restricted trading conditions. Investors with a higher risk tolerance and an interest in emerging trends might also explore upper circuit stocks for potential growth opportunities. However, thorough research and analysis are necessary before investing, as upper circuit stocks can be highly volatile and speculative. Additionally, investors should consider the risks associated with these stocks, such as sudden price reversals and liquidity constraints.

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Factors That Can Trigger Upper Circuit in Stock Market

Now that we know how to buy shares in upper circuit, let’s look at a few factors that can trigger upper circuits in the stock market. Several factors can trigger upper circuits stocks in the stock market. Here are a few:

  • Positive News and Announcements: Positive news about a company, such as a new product launch, expansion plans, or a significant order win, can trigger an upper circuit in its stock price. For example, if a company announces a major merger or acquisition, it can make its stocks hit upper circuit as investors rush to buy UC stocks in the company. 
  • Strong Financial Results: When a company reports better-than-expected financial results, it can increase buying interest from investors. As a result, this can lead to an upper circuit in its stock price.
  • Positive Market Sentiment: A positive market mood index (MMI), driven by political stability, economic growth, or global market trends, can lead to an upper circuit in stock prices across the market.

Factors to Consider While Investing in Upper Circuit Stocks

If you find yourself wondering, ‘can we buy shares after upper circuit?’, consider these following options, Though investing in continuous upper circuit stocks in NSE today can potentially lead to high returns, it is important to consider the following factors, now that we know how to buy shares in upper circuit:

  • Lack of Liquidity: Upper circuit stocks list NSE today can have low trading volumes, which can make it difficult to buy or sell UC stocks when you need to. This can result in higher bid-ask spreads, which might impact your returns.
  • Limited Price Discovery: The upper circuit limit can artificially inflate the stock price, making it difficult to determine its fair value. This can lead to increased volatility in the stock price when trading resumes.
  • Risk of Price Manipulation: The limited price discovery and lack of liquidity can make today upper circuit shares vulnerable to price manipulation. This can result in sudden and sharp price movements, impacting your returns.
  • Potential Downsides: Investing in continue upper circuit stocks can yield high returns. However, it is important to note that there are potential downsides. Such as a sudden drop in the stock price when trading resumes or a lack of fundamentals to support the price increase.

When to Invest in Upper Circuit Stocks?

When trading upper circuit stocks, timing is crucial for maximizing potential gains. Investors should consider entering the market when there is high demand for the stock, indicated by increased trading volumes and positive market sentiment. Monitoring market trends and news related to the specific stock or industry can help identify opportune moments to engage in upper circuit trading. Additionally, understanding the factors driving the stock’s price movement, such as company performance or industry developments, can aid in making informed decisions on when to participate in upper circuit trading activities.

Benefits of Investing in Upper Circuit Stocks NSE

Now that we know what is upper circuit in share market, let’s explore a few benefits of investing in these shares. Investing in upper circuit stocks today NSE can offer potential benefits, but it’s essential to understand the associated risks and exercise caution. Here are some potential advantages:

  • High Growth Potential: Upper circuit stock today usually shows strong upward momentum. This, in turn, can attract investors who might be seeking substantial returns within a short period.
  • Market Sentiment: These UC stocks can often garner attention due to positive news, market sentiment, or favourable developments.
  • Liquidity: During the trading halt caused by an upper circuit, investors may have the time to assess their positions and make informed decisions. This can help prevent hasty or impulsive trading.

Now that we know how to find upper circuit stocks, it is important to employ strategies to upper circuits to your advantage.

Strategies to Use Upper Circuit Or Price Bands to Your Advantage

Here are some strategies you can use for investing in upper circuit stock list today to your advantage: 

Understand Market Trends and Sentiments

Keep an eye on the overall market trends and sentiments, as these can impact upper circuit stocks. Look for sectors that are performing well or have positive news. As these can be good places to start your research.

Plan Your Entry and Exit Points

If you plan to invest in a particular stock, it is a good idea to check its upper circuit stocks and lower circuit stock limits. Thus, you can use these limits to determine the stock’s entry and exit points.

Conduct Thorough Research

Before investing in an upper circuit stock, conduct thorough research on the company, its financials, and its future growth prospects. Thus, look for strong fundamentals and positive news supporting the stock price increase.

Be Aware of Trading Patterns and Volume

Closely monitor trading patterns and volume for upper circuit & lower circuit stocks. High trading volumes can be a positive sign and indicate a lack of liquidity.

Manage Your Risk

Circuits or price bands can help you manage your risk. If you have invested in a stock that has hit its circuit limit, you can be sure that the price will not move beyond a specific range in a single trading session. Thus, this can help you limit your losses and manage your risk effectively.

Set Realistic Profit Targets and Minimize Losses

Determine your entry and exit points for upper circuit stocks, and set realistic profit targets based on your research.

Avoid Sudden Price Movements

Circuits or price bands can help you avoid sudden price movements in a stock. If a stock has hit its circuit limit, therefore, the trading in that stock will be suspended for some time.

As always, please do your own research and/or consult a financial advisor before investing.

To Wrap It Up…

Investing in upper circuit stocks can be a potentially rewarding but risky venture. Hence, to avoid the potential downsides and use circuits or price bands to your advantage, it is important to conduct thorough research and follow all the strategies that we have shared above.  Moreover, to make investing easier, you can consider using smallcase. It is a platform that provides pre-built portfolios of stocks that align with different investment themes and strategies.


1. What is the upper circuit in share market?

An upper circuit in the share market is the maximum percentage increase in the price of a stock in a single trading session. Additionally, also protects investors from excessive losses.

2. What are the best upper stocks in India you can buy for the long term?

According to recent data, here are the top 5 upper circuit stocks NSE to invest in are as follows:
1. Hindustan Motors Ltd
2. Dhani Services Ltd
3. Akash Infra-Projects Ltd
Note: This information is provided for educational purposes and is not intended as a recommendation or endorsement.

3. How to buy stocks in upper circuit stock?

To understand, how to buy shares in upper circuit, you can follow these steps:

1. Find a list of upper circuit stocks.
2. Do your research on the stocks you are interested in.
3. Decide how much money you want to invest.
4. Open a brokerage account and place a buy order for the stocks you want to buy.

4. Is it a good time to invest in upper circuit stocks?

Investing in upper circuit stocks can be a potentially rewarding but risky venture. Hence, to avoid the potential downsides use circuits or price bands to your advantage. However, it’s important to do your own research and/or consult a financial advisor before investing.

5. What happens when a stock hits upper circuit in NSE?

Stocks hitting upper circuit means that the stock’s price has reached the maximum permissible limit for upward movement for that trading session. Therefore, trading gets halted for that time.

6. Can we buy shares in upper circuit?

Yes, you can buy share in upper circuit, but with certain limitations.
When a stock hits its upper circuit, it means its price has reached the maximum allowable increase for that day. This happens when there are only buyers NSE and no sellers, or when the buying pressure is significantly stronger than the selling pressure.

7. How to find upper circuit stocks?

Track upper circuit stocks on real-time platforms, news websites, or your brokerage. Filter by high volume, and watch for news and events that could trigger price jumps. Use technical analysis to identify breakout points. Do your research and assess risk before investing.